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By ana (Wed Jun 24, 2009 at 08:43:00 PM EST) the busy thing (all tags)
That's done.

It's been a busy couple of months, work-wise.

A bunch of us spent a couple months this spring revisiting a data analysis we did in 1998, before a certain satellite was launched. Ten years on, we still don't understand the results, but now we're to the point, I think, of underlining that and adding a few more exclamation points. But it's been a long long haul, trying to resurrect old tools and the perl scripts that tied them all together, while re-evaluating the techniques we used and deciding if that was right or not (or at least as right as we could reasonably make it).

So I drew that to a close and banged out a draft memo on what-all I'd done, before leaving on vacation the end of May for a week.


I also got drafted for one of those scientific peer review panels, where we sit down with a few dozen of our closest friends and read proposals and grade them. So I spent pretty much the whole time at work since I got back from vacation reading proposals. This week, I spent two whole, long, days in a hotel with a committee finalizing all that.

We got done about dinner time (with just the chaircritters left behind to negotiate merging things with the other panels), so I'm home now.


But I missed about 2/3 of ni's visit, which, as it happens, coincided with the day & night & another day I spent at the hotel.

And now... There's a conference coming up in three weeks, and of course I haven't really written the paper for that. So that'll be next up.

And almost immediately after that, a so-called "micro-summit" on the data analysis project I outlined above. So we can get "help" from the larger community on our results and where to go from here and now. Joy. So I don't really have time even to finish the memo or put all the data tables in before that happens.

I remember when I used to have some free time. I think.

Anyway. It'll be good to get together with friends this weekend, even though we're blowing off a softball game to do it. While I was cooped up in a hotel, most of my softball injuries from last week have healed up pretty well.

I'll let toxicfur write about her new toy. Mine, in honor of my birthday, is an iPod touch, which is shiny. And has a lightsaber application, that makes sound effects based on inputs from the accelerometer.

Uh, what else lately? My in-person writing critique group got to the end of my novel, with lots of interesting comments. I also have comments from other sources, and it seems another revision is needed. We'll see if I can scrape up some motivation to do that.

Oh, and the FFC. Uh... I have a few vague ideas. Is that enough at this stage?
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