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By MartiniPhilosopher (Wed Apr 29, 2009 at 02:40:59 PM EST) (all tags)
is not nearly as exciting as one might think it would have been.

I decided to take a risk just about a month ago. I let my contract expire. This was not an impulsive thing. I nearly talked it death. It was done partly to have some time to myself, to try and get back to a place where I was not trying to drive myself crazy. The last few months of work, ever since the buyout, I was not in a good mental place. I had racheted up the stress to a level that wasn't healthy by trying to be perfect, trying to do too much.

The project I had been working on, for quite a while, was a data importer. There wasn't any structure to the project. None. No deadlines. No expectations other than to "make it work". I was lead tester, designer, architect, coder, and everything else. It was not good for me. Especially since I wasn't getting any sort of cooperation from those who were getting their data imported. I needed to get away from it and the mindset that had come along with it.

So I did. Having got a couple of interviews by this time, I felt like I could take the chance to jump.

Only nothing has developed since then. The interviews are in limbo as the companies involved try to make thier decisions. Got to love the hurry up and wait of the corporate world.

I have been much better at keeping myself busy this time around. I have been working on a bookshelf at my FiL's house. Been working on gardening and the lawn when the weather permits. Been reading and writing and playing more WoW than is probably good for me.

This past weekend I did a couple of things. The biggest was KC Startup Weekend. A pretty good thing all said. My pitch did not get picked up for a project (probably due to me going second in the pitching) but I did end up on the second place team. Amongst the second things, as there is a list, is I started making contacts in the KC IT world (including more possibly contract work for a few weeks, possibly even a month or more), got a bit of revitalization in spirit, started up a twitter account, and got the chance to learn a few new tricks (some php and css have been added to my toolbelt).

Part of that revitalization of spirit included the realization that no matter how much work I think it is, I really do need to spend more time keeping up with some of the changes going on in the tech world. Yes, I may find the idea of facebook and twitter to be repugnant, but there are more than a few others who don't. Many are actually influenial in the area of work I proport to do. In such light, it seems like a bad idea to "poo-poo" the tools they use.

The team is going to meet again this weekend. I'm going. It might turn into something, it might not. At the very least it gets me out of the house to be social for a little bit.

Another storm is going on right now. The thunder breaks, rattling the windows. None of the occupants of the house seem to care that much. The cats are asleep, the dogs are lying in their room watching for signs that one of us is doing something. Life is good, even if it seems a bit strange at times.

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