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By nightflameblue (Wed Apr 29, 2009 at 11:01:54 AM EST) (all tags)
Rock of Love - Glenn Danzig.


Dino Cazares returns to Fear Factory - and brings Gene Hoglan with him. They missed about half of Gene's metal history in that article. Dude sat in with Slayer for crap sake.

Have no idea if the first one is true. Supposedly there was a press release about it yesterday, but now most links point to people saying it can't possibly be true just because of the absurdity. The supposed subtitle for the show would be "Rock of Love - Bride of Satan."

Time will tell. This would almost make it worth getting cable again if it is true. Almost.

The other tidbit is far more exciting. Who would have EVER thought Dino and Gene in the same band? Gene is fucking awesome, n00bs. I've shaken the dude's hand three times. Once after the Dethklok show in SoDak, once before the show in First Avenue, and once after the show in First Avenue. Dude is H00GE. And I'm not a small guy. I'm around six-two, and he TOWERS over me. Nice as can be until he sits with the sticks, then he turns into Mr. Br00talz.

And Dino? Bringer of speedy riffin'. Those two together get me giddy.

Do not disappoint me, bitches. DO NOT.

After a couple days screwing with Revalver, I can no longer stand my POD tones. They all sound nasally and ridiculous to me. Sigh.

Always one more thing. I suppose though, that's why I'm still doing this music thing after twenty plus years. There's always something new to try, to play, to fiddle with.

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