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By Merekat (Mon Mar 09, 2009 at 05:58:39 AM EST) (all tags)
A big, blue, squishy comfy chair for reading in. One that you can sprawl in and that owes little or nothing to style or design and everything to 'fleh'. A most excellent chair. Now arrived and in place.

Transaction complete without delivery guys lapsing out of Swiss German too, which is nice. And just 5 mins before sideways hail and snow started.

Been working from home today, partly for the delivery, partly because I feel like I have a cold due, and partly to focus on a particular issue. Needless to say, I didn't, but ended up doing something else at least as useful instead so not a total loss. I also still feel ick, but as nobody can see  me with a tissue stuck to my nose, it is at least less unpleasant for my co-workers.

Went to the Geneva Autosalon at the weekend and saw many silly cars. I am not a car person, having never learned to drive, but I do quite like to look at them. Generally I find small, compact cars or sports cars more interesting than giant bling-mobiles, and some of the concept car stuff was quite cute. Overall, a bit too hot and crowded though.  Also, I have never seen so many fat-to-obese people in one place since I moved to Switzerland. It was staggering. Contextually, I flipped accross the middle range from being a bit chubby to being rather svelte.

Geneva itself was interesting. On the one hand, it had a much more run down feel to it than Zurich when you went a bit out of the centre but on the other it was still significantly cleaner than France, while still being very French but with little jarring differences. No streets named after the Republic, or 14 July that you expect when surrounded by that architecture. Also, people were more inclined to stay speaking French to you. In Zurich, display even a moment of hesitation and the english comes out. Ate simply but very well, of course. Would visit again, preferably in summer.
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