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By gzt (Tue Mar 17, 2009 at 04:21:11 PM EST) gzt, don quixote (all tags)
I told myself that at 3 I would start working on this presentation I have tomorrow. It's informal, just me and the (internal) customer going over the report I made (well, that's what I'm making). It's a negative result, not that there was a good positive control. I'm mostly just waving my hands.

I talked with a friend of mine, he used to work for shady Russian programmers and now he's in defense contracting and it was fairly interesting. I told him I did boring stuff and would kill for something interesting. He asked whether I was willing to relocate to NoVa or Boston and I said, sure, so he wants me to send him his resume. I told him I didn't have any programming experience or experience with the Bayesian filtering stuff he does, but he knows I'm a brilliant mathematician and I did, after all, do Algorithms in college, so I can at least write a mean sorting algorithm in pseudocode and prove how efficient it is. He said that's pretty much all one needs to succeed in his area (in fact, it puts me a step ahead of many), the rest can be learned. Apparently most people suck in life, but it's hard to find somebody who can think and do math. Only catch is I'm stuck where I am until June unless the pay is good enough to entice me to sink what I paid for tuition this semester. Then again, like I said, I'd kill for something interesting. Who knows? Maybe this could be the thing that gets me out. Hoorah for networking with old high school buddies. That reminds me: somebody else I know wants me to pass them my resume. Pity if I'd have to move now, though, I was just getting started (see holiaries).

I got Jacques le Fatalist in the mail just now (in French). I ordered it in English, too, but the French was so cheap I thought I might as well. Like I said, I'd kill for something interesting right about now.

Oh good grief. I was very productive until exactly 3:01 today. Now, granted, I will stay here tonight until I get this report written, so I don't know just what I think stalling will get me. I already have all the charts, graphs, tables, etc made, I just have to assemble it in a coherent way so it tells the story of nothing interesting happening.

I just got called about skipping off work early and picnicking by the lake. Drat. I'm staying in. It's so nice outside, though.

I will get this all figured out. Honestly, every time I move to this problem, I get nothing done. I have a mental block. Time flies. Bells chime.

I don't know if I want to go to a rock and roll show at all on Friday. But I have to think of something. Maybe not something on Friday, or maybe something on Friday. But there will be something sometime.

Maybe I just won't get this done before I leave. I'll work at a feverish pace in the morning, send it off at 10 for an 11 meeting. That's good enough. Print off a few, call it good. It's not important because there's a negative result: no action needed, not even anything interesting to say.

Well, anyway. I will soon have Don Quixote.

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algorithms by bobdole (2.00 / 0) #1 Wed Mar 18, 2009 at 06:15:51 AM EST
If you can device good pseudo-code and prove it, translating it into program code is a "trivial"* job. Thinking abstract about logic/algorithms is the hard part of programming, implementing it is often a exercise in typing...

* that is, reading upon on language and compiler caveats when it doesn't perform as you specified it.

-- The revolution will not be televised.
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