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By nightflameblue (Wed Mar 11, 2009 at 05:07:56 AM EST) (all tags)

I wake up, get my routine going, pour my cereal, grab the milk...only to find that the milk is frozen into a solid block of ice.

And I think I'm picking up the boss's plague he's been carting into the office for the last two weeks. is the only way to make myself feel better.

We had baby-brother-in-law over last night. Mrs. NFB got stuck late at work so was completely losing her mind by the time I got home trying to catch up with the house chores and making supper. I jumped into the fray and we somehow managed to survive.

I'm still trying to understand how, when we invite one person over for supper, it's an emergency if we're five minutes behind schedule. Especially him. He doesn't care. He's gonna sit there drinking wine and talking for three hours anyway.

Supper was awesome. Mrs. NFB is br00talizing chicken lately with this thing she came up with all by herself that's just incredible. Good stuff.

And the boss's creeping crud is infecting my throat. Timing couldn't be better. My microphone package arrived last night, my preamp->usb thinga-ma-bob arrives tonight. I likely won't be able to talk let alone sing by tonight. More awesomer and more awesomer.

The mic is really nice looking. Can't wait to see how it sounds. It's hefty as hell. Feels like it was built to withstand a firestorm. The pop filter has a nice flexible mount on it, and the shockmount seems sturdy so it should be a good setup. Provided it doesn't sound like ass.

I haven't fiddled with condenser mics in AGES, so it should be interesting.


Two years ago I did something that, for about three months afterwards, I was almost certain was my entire reason for existing. I flailed a bit afterwards, because in all honesty I couldn't think of anything else that could ever match the awesome that I presented in that one glorious moment.

And now?

My story is ringing along. It feels like yet another great calling to me. Somehow, someway, it will be told.

My music is coming together, in a way where I know it will actually happen on a level it's never happened before. This has been my calling since I was twelve fucking years old and my uncle let me borrow that old Spectrum 4 Sears brand guitar and amp.

And suddenly an idea struck me yesterday. Oh the seed of that idea has been there for years. Reinforcement comes here and there between long stretches where I don't even think about it. A couple weeks ago it was brought back to the front of my mind. And yesterday it germinated, springing forth in stark contrast to everything around it.

A new calling, one I must follow.

And strangely, the more I do, the more I work on, the more easily it all seems to flow. This is the first time in my life that's ever happened. Typically I get started on a couple different things, get frustrated by being spread too thin, and give up.

Somehow, this time, it's all blending into a self-feeding whirlwind of activity.

I do wish for more hours in the day, but at least I'm making use of the hours I already have. Wow, am I ever.


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