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By codemonkey uk (Fri Feb 27, 2009 at 03:38:33 AM EST) (all tags)
Both meanings of the word.

Moving, physically

I just moved my desk, making room for new people on the project.  Moving your desk, even just the 90cm or so that was needed to make space for the new office seating arrangement, is a pain when you have this much kit all wired up on and around your desk.

Moving, emotionally

I’d like to share with you the song: Wires by Athlete.  The official video can be found on you tube, here.  There is also a fan video, which is much more literal.  I first heard the song when a friend of mine used it as the music in a video he made about his daughter, who was born and looked after at the same hospital as Dylan.  The lyrics move me, it’s so personal, and so honest, and is about something I went though myself with my son.  I hope you like it too.  I’d write more, but I think I have something in my eye…

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