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By Dr H0ffm4n (Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 01:40:08 PM EST) (all tags)
Otherwise known as: February - Part I

Thick heart of stone
My sins my own
They belong to me, me

Feb 1 (Sunday) Before breakfast, I skipped out of the hotel in Hampshire that I was staying in and headed back to London by train. The snow started falling on the taxi journey from Waterloo to Haringey. It was light and hardly settling. There was barely a cm when I went to bed. Meh, nothing to worry about.

Feb 2 (Monday) Awoke and ran my bath as normal. Trotted downstairs to put the kettle on and was surprised to see 6 inches of snow covering the back garden. Hmm, should I call in and work from home? The radio announces that there are very few tubes and no buses running at all anywhere in London so most people will not be in the office. I decide to see if I can get a cab anyway as am due to go to Lewisham to spend the evening with DancerEx and her partner and midgets. The cab office obliges. The cab takes a long route via major roads only but takes about the same time as normal as there is no traffic on the road. Some idiots are still doing 70mph down the A12, even though it is snowing heavily and the road is wet and icy. The office is virtually empty except for locals who have walked in.

That evening I catch the DLR to Lewisham and walk to DancerEx's house. She's out shopping, but her elder sister (ESoDX) is round and lets me in. DancerEx was actually out at the fish and chip shop. We eat fish and chips for dinner while drinking bottles of wine. I manage to get DancerEx and her partner (who is a communist philosophy lecturer) drunkenly arguing about gender and sexuality. Most of the evening I chat with ESoDX. She actually jokes in a competitive sparring way like a man. Decide that she is positively one of the most beautiful women I have ever known. On paper she is my perfect woman. Apart from her being several inches taller than me and something else that I can't out my finger on, but something like I am wary of being judged by her, like she can see through me if I'm not careful? Not sure how better to put it. Turns out she works about 2 minutes from me. Anyway, I have to stand on a step to air kiss her goodnight after she's stayed 2 hours longer than she intended and I offer to take her to dinner sometime. At which her face beams in the most gorgeous smile of surprise followed by a happy yes.

I get a cab home about a half hour later with DancerEx begging me to stay and join their arguments. The cab gets stuck in the snow but manages to free itself after 5 minutes.

Feb 3 (Tuesday) Am tired and decide to work from home as there will still be no buses or trains and if no one else is going in, why should I? Skive on sofa watching films on TV and chat by email with AntiqueAnalyst (AA). Who it turns out is no longer an analyst and the antique shop I thought she worked in is an art gallery in fact. So she's actually more ArtyExAnalyst (AXA).

Begin to worry that I'm flirting too much though and she may well take me too seriously. Worry more that I'm tempted to reciprocate any seriousness.

Snooze for a couple of hours in the afternoon. My postponed evening date with WPKAW's best friend is yet again postponed as neither of us is in town.

Feb 4 (Wednesday) I decide to work and again chat a little with AXA on email. Midgets are at mine for the evening. Major Midget hardly speaks and goes off after a short while to watch Naruto in her room. I go and make sure she is ok, which she says she is. She's just hooked to Naruto at the moment.

Feb 5 (Thursday) Work dull. Chat a little to AXA. Am angst ridden because I'm actually enjoying flirting but am so very mindful that she may get hurt. There's back story I can't go into here, btw.

Evening date with BustySec and OlderReceptionist is cancelled due to dental problems and bad weather. So go out with lads from work and get hammered on lagers. End evening £50 up after winning stupid bet about pretty girl across the bar.

Feb 6 (Friday) Tired from the previous night's hurty juice intake. Manage to get through work though and go for curry at lunchtime.

Pick up midgets in the evening and we have pizza and watch recordings of Family Guy.

Feb 7 (Saturday) Took midgets to drama class, took recycling to dump, did some weeding in the front yard, collected midgets, went shopping in Muswell Hill with MinorMidget for bday presents, took MinorMidget to a bday party/sleepover, went shopping with majorMidget for cooking ingredients, went to dinner with MajorMidget at a Japanese place in Crouch End, finally painted the surrounds to the kitchen windows (3 years after they needed it), emptied George's hutch and cleaned it, bathed George, trimmed George's coat.

AXA sends me an unsolicited email around midnight. So that means she's actually thinking about me at midnight on a Saturday night. Arse. That could be serious.

Don't get me wrong, I do genuinely like the woman, but am a dithering fickle fool at the moment and am not keen to lead women on when I'm in such a state.

Feb 8 (Sunday) Helped MajorMidget with her homework (maths and history), helped MajorMidget bake some cookies, played a board game with MinorMidget when she got back from the sleepover, managed to watch some footie on Sunday afternoon, had an hour's chat with MoWPKAW, chatted for an hour with PlannerWoman for the renovation work we're having done on MoWPKAW's house. Also discussed the private swimming pool she recommends that SoWPKAW can join and that she can likely go to 3 times a week or more.

Feb 9 (Monday) Pay for new furniture, decorators and plumber to overhaul WPKAW's parent's bedroom and bathroom while they are away for the weekend. Also pay for the plans for the extension/granny flat. It is probable that we don't need planning permission as the front aspect of the house will hardly alter.

Spend evening with two of WPKAW's friends round at the house of one. Her son's nanny cooks us some Singapore chop suey. We drink wine and discuss men and babies.

Feb 10 (Tuesday) After suitable fishing expedition, AXA knows that I am free, and lets slip that she's going to the opera on Valentine's night, but damned if her gay friend hasn't gone and got a new boyfriend and has cancelled on her. What is a girl to do? I play along and offer to escort her if she really is stuck. Turns out she is some sort of patron of the ROH and also has restaurant table booked if I'd like to join her... I don't decline.

Additionally I ask if she wants to go see another opera that I had wanted to go see sometime? She doesn't decline so we arrange for the following Saturday (Feb 21).

I get an email from ESoDX asking if maybe I'd like to go out for dinner or something maybe sometime? I reply that yes, I would. We arrange for next Monday (Feb 16).

I fret that if followed to logical conclusion this could get messy.

I avoid SexyPoplarLandlady altogether and feel a bit crap about that.

In the evening I go and watch MinorMidget sing in a choral recital with three other choirs.

Feb 11 (Wednesday) Manage to sort 12 months membership of private swimming club for SoWPKAW at discount rate because am paying all up front.

Midgets are at mine for the evening. MajorMidget sits and watches Naruto on laptop. Later she prints out some Naruto bookmarks for the books I've bought for her to take on holiday. Still doesn't say much. She says she has realised that she really likes being on her own and is happy in her own world.

MinorMidget is gutted when I tell her that her best friend can't come to her birthday party. She too goes silent for the evening.

Feb 12 (Thursday) I take the afternoon off work to attend the executor's interview at the probate office. I am surprised that I get upset when I read their half page summary of the sum total of who WPKAW was by the time she died  - intestate, 32 year old spinster with no issue. It's a bleak summary to be sure.

I spend the rest of the afternoon wandering around Soho and end up at Selfridges to get  a birthday present for WPKAW's oldest brother. I meet him in a pub in Soho later and we are joined by WPKAW's cousins. WPKAW's brother has been dumped unexpectedly, so we rib him about his bad luck with women and drink beers. We go for Thai at a place I'd booked and get drunk on wine and shots.

Feb 13 (Friday) Finalise arrangements for tomorrow evening with AXA. Am advised by BustySec that I should really stop caring what might happen and just go with the flow. Sort any problems out after they occur. People are less fragile than I imagine.

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I agree with BustySec by greyshade (4.00 / 1) #1 Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 02:10:27 PM EST
We're all adults here, and I'm sure the ladies aren't exactly throwing caution to the wind either. I rather fancy dating now that I've got a few more years on me.  It's not the drama filled mess it was a decade ago when I was in college.  

"The other part of the fun is nibbling on them when they get off work." -vorheesleatherface
Unfortunately by Dr H0ffm4n (4.00 / 1) #3 Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 11:47:31 PM EST
Although I want to agree with BustySec, and  am willing to take that advice some distance, I rather suspect that it is drama filled simply because the way I manage it. It feels so little different to the collisions that relationships were when I was at college (e.g. when dating DancerEx along with another girl or two at the same time with ensuing hilarity).

I've also spent the last few years being the sounding post to most of my female friends in their relationship woes and turbulence, so I know exactly how choppy the seas are for women too. It's occurred to me though that my view is going to have become somewhat biased as only those women who have stormy personal lives will be seeking counsel.

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Best of luck tomorrow night by kwsNI (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Feb 13, 2009 at 05:28:51 PM EST
Just go with it.

I had a good time by Dr H0ffm4n (4.00 / 1) #4 Sun Feb 15, 2009 at 02:47:02 AM EST
Without complications. Apart from the whole finding AXA to be unbelievably marvellous thing. Damn these women and their perfections ;)

I am happy to be lucky to have so many awesome, single female friends. Certainly less stressed today.

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I'm always shamed by how busy you are by nebbish (2.00 / 0) #5 Mon Feb 16, 2009 at 01:59:39 AM EST
My February would basically be "Played Metroid Prime 3"

It's political correctness gone mad!

People keep me busy by Dr H0ffm4n (4.00 / 1) #6 Mon Feb 16, 2009 at 02:09:10 AM EST
I know I'm a personable guy, but I suspect my friends and WPKAW's are making sure I am kept busy for obvious reasons.

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