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So last night I was not feeling well.  But not really sick either.  This morning I woke up, having had two majorly vivid and remembered dreams dying to be written down.  Not sick though.  At around 11 AM I took my first break at work, had a small headache, not localized like usual, and thought crap, a headache.  From my car to the building the headache got worse, and ugh.  So I kinda drifted thru to lunch really glad that the app I launched yesterday had no issues reported.  Then I had the urge to go.  So i did.  While washing my hands, I was like, uh.  But that passes.  Go back to my desk.  Sit for a few minutes.  Back to the restroom.  Then back to my desk.  get my lunch out and eat two bites.  Ick.  Type e-mail to boss, saying I'm leaving.  Walk to my car.  No, gotta go back in, won't make it home.  We have 70+ people and three toilets, so to say I was lucky none were in use during lunch is an understatement.

Drive home, it's 15 minutes and it feels like forever.  All I wanna do is lay down.  Get home, the sun is so bright.  Turn on my fan and get into bed.  i think around 3 I hit REM sleep.  Around 4ish, the headache is gone.  I get up around 5.  The headache lingers just a tad, I check my junk draw, praise Allah, I have a blister pack of Tylenol PM, just in case.

So i ate some beans, and I'm feeling better.  Not 100%, but better.  I really should do the dishes.  I have to make milk for the morning, since I'm outta soy milk.  I have to make lunch, which will be peanut butter on white.

NaNoWriMo signups end this Sunday!!!!

On my break I spent the entire 15 minutes writing down the dreams from last night.  Both were ones I've had before.  With slight changes.  The second had parts that I know are real places, but that are just a bit different.  Like the apartment I was in, is really the college dorm, on a smaller scale, I used to visit in college.  The field where the hay had been cut, is the same as where the winery is located, except that the winery is all hilly and the dream was not.  The road I was on, that was is an odd one.  In my dream I am sure I know what road it is, but when I wake up, and I think about it, I can not place it.  Either way I was on a tricycle, til the intersection, and then I was on a board with wheels and a handle.

BREAK to do the Dishes.

So I'm outta paper towels.  Outta dish detergent.  I seem to keep losing socks, started with 5 black dress socks and now I have two.  What the hell.  Spary and wash sucks, it did not get the chicken grease outta my shirt, now I need to get a new shirt.  I have seven bills going out Thursday, so I better count my stamps to make sure I have enough.  This week is bed sheet washing time.  The batteries in my outdoor temp sensor are dead.

Anyway off to bed.

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