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By gzt (Fri Jul 25, 2008 at 06:49:41 AM EST) gzt (all tags)
I got up late this morning and rushed out to catch the last train that could get me there in a reasonable semblance of "on time" - 9ish - and found when I got to the station I had forgotten my work badge. Not too big of a problem, but I also have my train monthly pass in there. There's an 8:41 and an 8:46 train at that station, then there's a half hour between trains. I had been gunning for the 8:41 but couldn't turn it around in time to get to the 8:46 even though I live half a block from the station. So I dicked around for half an hour and rode the train in. And here I am.

If only it weren't so hard to get up in the mornings.

Maybe I should read that article about managing compensation in India. It is somehow vaguely related to what I do, so why not? The more you know!

Oops: somebody somewhere in this database replaced an employee ID number with a last name. No wonder things are mucked up.

Crikey: meeting at 3 that could either be doom and destruction or just horribly tedious. Wait a minute: why the hell am I still in meetings for this project? Why the hell are people still bugging me about this project? I'm not on this project anymore? Actually, my being in this meeting does make sense, since it's about conversion of blah blah blah Oklahoma data and I'm the guy who designed the stuff here. And the people managing it now have no idea what's going on despite all my documentation with pictures and cute diagrams. But they will want me to do stuff besides just explain.

Roommate has some buddy in town sleeping on the couch this weekend. Should be fine. My roommate yesterday was all, "WE HAVE TO GET THIS PLACE CLEANED UP TODAY." We keep the place fairly clean, so that is really code for, "Take your two books off of the coffee table while I vacuum." Done and done. I'm trying to gauge whether I should be absent all weekend or if I should hang around.

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