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By dev trash (Sun Jul 20, 2008 at 11:26:54 AM EST) (all tags)
From July 3rd - July 13.  Roughly

July 4th, 2008

I got into town around 9:30.  Traffic was heavy at points.  The toll booth at
the end of the turnpike segment was a mess.  I was in the middle lane, which
was perfect as that lane leads to I80.  Their were rigs and minivans and
people honking horns.  It took about 4 light cycles before I was near the
intersection.  I figured at this point I'd make it thru on the next green, but
out of the corner of my eye, on my right hand side a rig with a trailer, comes
up beside us.  He pulls next to the rig that is right at the light and when
the light went green he pulled out.  I guess, thinking about it a bit it
probably was not a bad thing for him to do, as most of the mess at the booth
was rigs on either side trying to get to the middle lane.  He most likely
cleared out a huge chunk of the mess.

Today I went for a bike ride in the morning, and then in the afternoon.  The
morning ride was just down to the park, around the lot a few times and then
back to the house.  I over did it a bit and I had to walk the last few feet up
the hill that comes out of the park.  I should stick to the rule, of at least
1 hour after eating, as I was lightheaded and cold-sweaty.  The second ride
was much better.  The trail starts out on a down slope ( over all incline is
0.2% ) but when I turned around it was not so bad pedaling.  I rode out to the
paved road and turned around at the second bridge.

We had hamburgers and hotdogs at my grandmother's.  I had extra baked beans,
trying to get more fiber in ratio to the other food, and then there was
strawberry pie, and soda.  I ate, but not too much I don't think.

When it became near dark, Dad set off some of the old fireworks he's had for
what seems like years, but probably isn't.  I took some photos, which mostly
were crap because it was dark, and I don't have a tripod for the long exposure
shots.  Some of the shots were not so bad.  I also took some video which
turned out as one would expect, I guess.

I think THAT_GAL was drunk texting me tonight.  Out of the blue, I had not
heard from her in weeks, I get a text along the lines of 'What about
$local_venue_name?'  I looked and that conversation was started June 21.

It nears midnight and I really need to be up early so I can go to the laundry,
get fuel, and go for a bike ride, before July 4th: The Next Day, commences.
This time it's chicken, pasta salad and my sister, and her child.


July 6th,2008

On Saturday, we had a picnic with my sister, nephew, and a friend of my
sister's.  Chicken marinated in an Italian Dressing overnight and then cooked
in a Crock-Pot.  There was also Anti-Pasto Salad.

Earlier in the day I was able to go for a bike ride, on the Rails To Trails.  The Flowing Springs to
Gannister section.  It starts out downgrade, so that was a simple ride, and
then coming back it was a bit steeper, but overall the incline is 0.2%, so not
really a bad section.  I remember that when the trail first opened and I was
riding, I had to stop and take a break.  These days I can go the entire
section roundtrip without stopping.  It's around 7 miles total, and I did it
in 45 minutes.

Today I did laundry, went to Target, and got some fuel.  I washed my biking
clothes, and I am waiting for those to dry.  The shorts should be all done,
but the shirt I've hung outside and there is little breeze and it's humid, so
that's taking a bit to dry.  Hopefully by 6 I can get in a ride on the same
section as yesterday.  I plan on riding on the main section of the trail this


July 7th,2008

Today I drove to the main section of the Lower Trail.  I wanted to get in a
nice long ride.  But I had left the belt for my water bladder at my apartment,
so I wasn't able to carry water with me.  I rode for about 48 minutes, about 7
miles or so.  The first 2 miles are paved, so that was nice.

After supper I visited a friend.  We chatted for about 2 hours or so.  Then I
came home, shot some video, downloaded the files to my laptop, and called
another friend.  His landline was not working right and he was going to call
me right back.  That was almost 2 hours ago.  Oh well, I'll see him Saturday
night I think anyway.

Checked my email and confirmed lunch on Wednesday with another friend.  I've
not heard from friend B.  I should call, but I called before I left last week
and left a message.  So who knows.


July 8th,2008

Today, I took $nephew_S to the playground in Williamsburg.  There was no one else
around.  We spent about an hour.  After lunch I spent the afternoon playing
with $nephew_S.  After supper, I went to the main trail, and biked for twenty
minutes, on about 1.5 miles of the paved section of the trail.

Tonight I did a little bit of Perl hacking.  Signed up for a API key at  Hopefully I can get something written up while still on vacation.  I
have data from, delicious, twitter, librarything, etc that I want to
massage and put on my own site.  Plus Linode, my web server company has an API
now, so that would be cool to deal with, if just for the interesting factor.

The dialup today has been really slow.  Not sure what's up with that.

Tomorrow I'm going out for lunch, with a friend.


July 9th,2008

Today I had lunch with $C at $Brew_pub. I had a Reuben and a glass of
their microbrew called Locke Mountain Light.  We hung out for about 2 hours.
After that I went to Holiday Hair and got a trim.  Then back to home.

Took some pictures.  Relaxed.  Around dusk I was taking some video when the
dog started to act up.  I couldn't see anything so I got the spotlight and
scanned the field.  Saw nothing, and then I heard something on the other side
of the property.  Hit that part of the field and saw two eyes.  They paused
for a few seconds and then moved on.  The dog had not been barking in that
general direction so I put the light back to that corner and saw two eyes.  A
small deer, probably a doe.  It was alone though.


July 10th, 2008

Today I went to the Cove area of the County.  First stop was at Hinish Farm
Market.  They had some early corn,watermelon, cantaloupes, and other assorted
produce items.  I bought three apple dumplings.  After the farm market we went
to the two dollar stores in town, I was looking for a notebook, but couldn't
find anything I liked.  Last stop was to Smitty's True Value Hardware store,
on Resovoir Road.  They seem to have more of the kitchen and bathroom items on
display than the old style hardware.  I was looking for a screw, two wing
nuts, two washers, and two rubber washers.  Found all but the rubber washers,
for a total of $1.00.

From there we went back home.  I fired up the browser and followed the
instructions on and I had a bike mount for my digital
camera.  It didn't fit on my handle bars, so I had to put it on the stem
coming from the wheel.  I road for about 15 minutes, and discovered that it
was sitting too high, and the brake cables were in the way.  So I deleted that
footage, and switched the orientation of the camera, to the left side.  I
filmed about 2 minutes.  It looked, from my view on the camera, to be a little
bit high still, but workable.  I tried to download the file from the camera,
but only a small bit goes and I get a 'input/output error'.  The file still
plays on the camera, and other images and videos come off as they should.

This had happened last night but today when I downloaded files everything went
okay.  I wonder if the card is going bad.

I did some composite photography today.  Getting the first two frames was easy
enough but I could never get the third lined up right.  More practice I think.
Also tried to film and photograph some birds, chickadees, but they were two

Went out looking for deer around 10, but saw nothing.


July 11th,2008

Today the three kids were here, and we played outside in the morning.  After
lunch we went to the park in $local_town.  The kids played for about 90
minutes.  Then we came back home and played outside some more.

Tomorrow is the $first_college Alumni Reunion Day.  I think I'm going to try to get
there in time for the Alumni Association meeting and then a bus tour of the
campus, and then lunch.  And then off to visit $F, and then back to the
Alumni reunion for the dinner.

That's the plan anyway.

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