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By Merekat (Mon Jun 23, 2008 at 03:10:00 AM EST) (all tags)
This really is a summer city.

It hit 30 at the weekend. Every inch of grass beside the lake had someone sprawled out on it, enjoying the sunshine. The pontoons in the lake at the bathing areas looked like they were covered in seals rather than tanned, wet humans. Every woman in this city wears a bikini top (and only a small minority really shouldn't). Rounded off with peri peri chicken (lets ignore a very dull football match) it made for an excellent weekend.

So I come in today, check my personal mail and find stuff from parents. Is your brother there? He hasn't phoned to say he got there? Are you hiring a car for this wedding at the weekend?  What am I, the bleedin' secretary or something? My brother is 28 years old. He does not have to phone home. I said we would not make a decision on the car until closer to. Pleh.

Will know by August if specific interesting work project happens or not. Either way, I move teams for 2009 latest it looks like. Yay! Patience, planning, persistence and professionalism win again.

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