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By laffnowcry (Fri May 09, 2008 at 05:19:27 PM EST) near death experiences (all tags)
I can't count all the near death experiences I've had.

Most recently I was j-walking across a two-lane longish block with a ~40 knots per hour speed limit. I was just across from and ahead of the right turn lane that t-intersected with this road. I saw the car that was about to make the turn, but I guess (s)he was looking in the direction of oncoming traffic. I saw an opening and briskly shot across the two lanes in time for the right-turner to accelerate quickly towards me. I was about to jump out of the way when they stopped. About 1.5 seconds later I feel the usual splash of adrenaline, the sense of tension and excitement. The dull ache of existence.


So I was careening down the auto-highway at a controlled 55-60 knots per hour right next to a very large big rig. I was exactly astride the driver and to his left. I suddenly see his left turn lights blink, which doesn't register anything for me since I have great trust in professional drivers. (S)he then proceeds to lurch the big rig into my lane. I opt not to hit the horn, glance into the left rear view mirror and make a panic lane change as I see the big rig taking over my lane. Oblivious I suspect.

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