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By lm (Mon Apr 21, 2008 at 04:37:33 AM EST) (all tags)
Holy Week begins for those of us in the eastern Christian tradition.

My  overview of Reverend David Meconi's talk on Plotinus, Augustine and Dante over on Doxos.

And my hands still burn.

Sunday was a very nice, albeit nonstop, day: Liturgy, coffee hour, writing up my overview of Father Meconi's talk, catching up with an old friend whose moved away and swung by our place for a visit, dinner with our parish priest and his wife, Bridegroom Matins for Great and Holy Monday, finishing up the first draft of my essay, hearing my youngest daughter puke all over my bedroom floor and cleaning up the mess. It was a full, blessed day.

One of the things that I forgot to mention about attending Father Meconi's talk last week is that it was a good opportunity to pal around with my old professors at Xavier. I got some good advice on grad school. I was also heartened by two new snippets of information. One place I applied to, it turns out, had applicants with perfect GRE scores. That is un fucking  believable. I'm guessing that they both got picked first for funding. Hopefully they also applied elsewhere and won't end up attending the same school I applied to so that I get in on the second round of funding offers. The other factoid I learned was that one of my favorite professors didn't make the cut the first couple of times he applied to grad school. Took him three times to get in. Competition is pretty brutal in the field. Aside from the old professors, I also talked with a while with one of my old classmates. It was fun.

The sad news is that the former head of the department had a severe heart attack and is in a coma with no brain activity. In fact, a prayer vigil was scheduled for after the talk I attended. Since he is an Orthodox Jew, the various philosophy professors were planning to take turns reading the psalms in Hebrew. I wanted to go. But duty called me elsewhere.

I should get back to work. Duty, as it were, calls me here as well.

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