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By dev trash (Sun Apr 20, 2008 at 05:57:40 PM EST) (all tags)
Community Area Farm.

So I mentioned in passing the other day at work that I wish that I could find a community garden or farm in the area.  You know for some local fruits and veggies.  My boss then pipes up with "There's that one in $former_coal_town."  No shit.  Even has a website. So I go to the website and man, it's like 14 acres, and they sell shares.  And with a share you get a tote full of whatever is in season from April til November. They even have small shares for the likes of a single guy livin' alone.  I was excited.  Then I clicked on the BUY NOW link.  And I was disappointed.  Apparently they were so swamped last year, they decided to end sales of shares on April 1 of this year.  Shit.  Not only did they do fruits and veggies, they also did breads, and a share also got you on the beef and chicken list as well.  Free range, grass fed beef.  Damn.  And I missed it.

Work this last week sucked.  It was okay when I was accomplishing mini victories in what needed to be down with $cms.  But now I'm back to fighting against it.  I want to use the $cms way to do things.  So I find snippets and FAQs and the such and build from that.  Except they don't work.  Then I move on and try to do it my way, writing SQL, and all that jazz.  it works but it's not efficient.  And then.  Then.  The request comes in from HIGH that the live site and the new site need to have a link to a Java app ASAP.  But the link won't work with the $cms.  I spend four yes FOUR hours proving this to myself and then and only then tell the project manager.  A day passes.  I hear nothing and then the PM tells me to do something like a link, that will work.  I implement that, but before I do I get a call from my boss.  She is in her boss's office and they want to talk about why I was refusing to do the work I was asked to do.  Uh. I explain I already did the work.  They're in the dark.  I guess the one on HIGH called my boss's boss wondering why I was refusing to add a simple link.  I explain to the two bosses that I was not doing any such thing.  That perhaps the PM needs to explain things better to the HIGH one.  I thought that it was over with, but we had to discuss this for another 20 minutes.  I waste my time in so many ways I can't control.

I spent the weekend fiddling around the the box I want to be my MythTV PC.  I can not, can NOT get the damned IR Blaster to work.  Well plus this time around the TV Out was not working right either.  And what good is that?  I was using the RC of mythBuntu, which releases for good on Tuesday.  Well, they best work out some of the bugs before then.

I got a new desk.  Well new to me.  A guy at work had three from his former employer and needed the space.  So he gave me one along with an office chair.  So now I have two chairs and don't have to move one to the kitchen and back.  Also now I have a free table, where I think I might place some plants.  My laptop is also shutting down a lot.  I think it's due to heat.  I pulled the fan cover off and the fan is clean.  I also hooked up the three SPARCstations I bought at auction.  One has no video card, so it's useless to me.  One would not even turn the monitor on.  And the third turned the monitor on, but then I realized I don't have a Sun Keyboard anyway.

Friday in my mailbox was my WFMU Listener SWAG.  A T-shirt.  A bumper sticker.  And.  Put the Needle on the Record 2008 Marathon Mix.  Hip Hop Element 1 of 4:  The DJ.  The sweetest mixtape I've ever listened to.  I've listened to it at least 5 times straight thru.  I've gotta make a backup copy, because I'm crap at keeping CDs playable.

Anyway off to make a backup copy.

Have a good one.

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You don't need a Sun keyboard or video card by miker2 (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Apr 21, 2008 at 05:07:05 AM EST
Just get a null modem adapter for the 25-pin serial port, then a DB9->DB25 serial cable.  Hell, if I knew this last week before I moved, I could've sent you these two items, but I'm not sure if I tossed the modem adapter with the Sun Sparcstation or not.

In all my years of Sun experience (not many, ~4), I've only ever used one with a monitor.

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yeah by dev trash (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Apr 21, 2008 at 03:11:08 PM EST
I am not sure if I want to spend too much time on it though, I have two Sparc 20s and one Sparc 5.  But what can I do with them?  I need more space I think.

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April Showers bring Mayflowers. Mayflower broke my heirlooms! | 2 comments (2 topical, 0 hidden) | Trackback