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By dev trash (Sat Dec 06, 2008 at 08:48:55 PM EST) (all tags)
Written on the 6th and finished on the 7th.

I had a dream last week, I can't remember which day it was.  It was a short dream, or at least what I remember was short.  It may well have been as long as a dream can be, however long that may be.  It was a simple dream, and yet it was so damn complex.  I was standing in the driveway, my parents driveway, with a this absolutely beautiful woman.  In the dream i could tell exactly what she looked like and who she was and all of that important stuff.  We were standing by each other and then as if on command she leans into me and we start to kiss.  Now the kiss may have lasted for ever, at least in the dream world, but after I woke up it seemed like it was lips touching and then we parted ways.  Once I woke up, and I tend to remember the last dream i was having the most when I wake up, I was not so sure that I had even seen this woman's face or if it was who I though it had been.  Her name is still in my memory tonight though.

I dream every night, although I sometimes don't remember most of my dreams.  And it's weird, I sometimes have dreams that are repeated each night for a few nights and then there are times that the next dream sequence is not at all related to what I had dreamed the night before.  in fact most nights I have two or three slightly related dreams, but they are so different in other ways I wonder.

One set of dreams I tried to write about in this year's NaNo, were the ones where I was on a road, or series of roads trying to get to somewhere.  Some of these roads were supposed to get me to Ohio, and some were just to take me to where ever.  I can not for the life of me remember the name or number of any of these roads although in the dream I knew the numbers.  One of the oddities of these dreams was that although I was in a car for some of the trip I was from time to time on a skateboard, not standing but sitting on it, pushing myself to my destination.  It wasn't at all slow and in fact in one dream I was in the main traffic lane waiting for a red light to turn green, with cars to my right and to my rear.

Some dreams I've had only once and yet I still remember them, although not in its entirety, years later.


I celebrated the 75th anniversary of the end of Prohibition by drinking seven beers. As beers go they were tasty and did the job well enough, that I was drunk by the time I went to bed.  But not so drunk that I awoke with a headache, then again I did drink some water before I went to sleep.  And now it is a little after 1 in the morning and I am slightly tired but not motivated enough to go to sleep.  I excel at being lazy and apparently that also includes being too lazy to get into bed.

I put plastic on my front door window and on one window in my bedroom.  Hanging plastic is damned hard, what with a small ass nail and a hammer that wouldn't cooperate.  So I think that if I am going to continue on with this experiment I need to get me a staple gun.  Also a roll of plastic for the screen door, as the sheets I bought are not long enough.  I'm also debating on getting a curtain ( or perhaps beads ) for the space between the front door and the living room.  That space is 76 inches wide and 76 inches high, so who knows.  It would I hope cut down on some of the drafts.

I baked bread and a whole chicken today.  I did not accomplish a lot of what I wanted to do though, mainly moving the TV out to the living room now that I have couches to sit on and watch TV.  I have a pile of books and assorted other items that all need to go on a shelf of some kind, a shelf that I do not have.  I don't think I have a power strip to accommodate the laptop being in the bedroom and the rest being in the living room.  I also need to pull the trigger and buy a CommandIR and a Schedules Direct subscription so I can install mythTV again and start collecting movies again.  I get virtually free cable service, and I should be milking that for all it is worth.

The apartment needs a thorough cleaning, but I am unsure when that will happen as my back has been bothering me of late.

My Christmas shopping is done.  And right on budget too.  And without using credit.  Hopefully in January I can get my savings plan bumped up a notch.  With the credit cards slowly being paid off, I can take more of that money and put into savings.  I have an odd feeling about 2009 and my financial well being.

We're getting hams for Christmas at work.  Next week, i think is when the 'bonus' usually comes out too.  That's just $100,which is mostly likely going towards one of the credit cards, that would reduce by one month my get out of credit card debt plan.


And that is all I have.

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I had some whiskey by gzt (2.00 / 0) #1 Sun Dec 07, 2008 at 08:30:18 AM EST
(McCarthy's), a couple beers (Sierra Nevada IPA), and some gin (Junipero by Anchor).

I just drink all the time to hedge my bets by Clipper Ship (2.00 / 0) #2 Sun Dec 07, 2008 at 09:37:12 AM EST
You could say I'm constantly celebrating.


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