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By duxup (Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 12:09:10 PM EST) (all tags)

duxup gets into some light tussles at a college football game
Thanksgiving at duxup's 2008
duxup's Employer and Employment
New Cell Phone! almost here
Considering a new computer / laptop for Mrs. duxup

Woah this one got a bit long.

Last College Football Game in the Metrodome

My Grandfather has had University of Minnesota Gopher Football season tickets for over 60 years.  Originally playing at Memorial Stadium and later they moved to the Metrodome.  By the time they moved to the Metrodome the success of Gopher Football had long since past.   Upon moving to the Twin Cities nine years ago or so I became my Grandfather's official escort to many of the home games.  A few weeks ago we attended the last game that the Gophers would play at the Metrodome, in many ways it was an appropriate but still sad ending.

The game was against Iowa and it says something when the most reliable way to sell tickets to Gopher Football is to play a rival across the border so that ... fans from the other side and local Iowa fans will come and fill up the dome.

It was probably the first really cold windy day of the year and one of the very few times I was happy that I was going to the Metrodome.  I really like going to sporting events, the venue just leaves a ton to be desired.  The Metrodome is a compromise in every way shape and form. 
In fact it is just a few slogans and emblems away from feeling like some communist style building.  Only recently did they add some extra space to do some pregame events outside for people to mingle around before games.  Before that all that was just (and still is) done on an asphalt street on one side of the building and parking lot behind it.  For years there was very little around the dome even.  A small stinky bar down the street and just a bunch of dirt flat lots over near the river, the newspaper building, and a Hospital.  No character, no atmosphere, not much at all even outside the building.  In the recent years the river area has exploded with the new Guthrie Theater and some places to eat and such. In some ways though it makes the dome seem even more awkward.

Inside the dome it is utilitarian to the max.  Antiseptic grey stained concrete floors, walls, ceilings.  The vending places are staffed by mostly volunteers who earn money for their charities.  A nice idea, but that means that service is INSANELY slow, and if you go enough, you’ll find that it is fairly often incompetent.  Cold food when it should be hot are frequent.  Of course these people aren't paid for quality and heck if they know what they're doing.  Ironically if had some communist slogans and pics posted up the place might have more character and a bit of soul.

If there is something cool about the Metrodome it is the roof and the exit.  The roof is this inflatable set of Teflon sheets held up by air pressure.  Sitting at the games I still find it hard to believe it works but apparently it does.  Of course that wonderment lasts at best a few minutes and then you realize you're just in a big concrete building with blue seats a dirty white roof.   I used to say it was like a hospital waiting room once you sat down but really hospital waiting rooms are fairly nice these days.  Also if you're there for a baseball game there's about a 70% chance that your seat is facing the wrong way since the seats are alighted for football. 
Exiting the dome is also cool (that's not a good sign if one upside is leaving).  Since there is air pressure holding up the roof you enter thru these revolving glass doors to prevent some continuous loss of air pressure.  Now if there is a large enough crowed when exiting they open up regular swing doors next to the revolving doors. With all the air pressure built up when you go out those doors you're pretty much blown out of the building.  It is quite fun! 

So anyway Grandpa and I arrived at the game about an hour before kickoff (any later and he feels we might be late) about when they open the doors to let people in.  Typically few people go inside at this time because... yeah they'd rather stand outside as the dome sucks.  This time though since it was cold and windy everyone hit the doors as soon as they could.   There were fairly long lines getting in and everyone was shivering.  One nice security guard propped open one of the regular doors (non revolving) and the resulting air pressure change resulted in a great blast of warm air followed by a good flow over the folks waiting in line.  Everyone in our line applauded.  Once they took our ticket Grandpa (90 years old) said I've never gone IN the windy door before.." and headed straight for it.  The security dude holding it open seemed amused and helped Grandpa thru it.

I followed behind hm.  It was INSANELY windy.  Going out of course is easier than going in but even with that in mind I was surprised.  As soon as you crossed the threshold of standing at an angle to the door in the wind, and the event horizon that was standing directly in line with the door the wind picked up considerably.  I couldn't hear squat but the rushing of the wind.  I put my head down and then reached for the frame of the door just to make sure I kept my feet under me.  This resulted in a crazy (nicely warm) strong wind going into my coat sleeve at the door frame and out every opening in the coat and inflating.  Making it thru I got a high five from the security guard.  I watched a couple other people make a run at the door with big “damn I gotta try that!” smiles on their faces.  One college age (my estimation) Iowa fan not paying attention crossed the event horizon only to land on his ass.  Everyone, including the kid on his ass and his buddies, got a kick out of it.

So we went inside.  Got a drink, a bratwurst, and a dome dog and ate.  There was quite a few more groups of students (for both teams) than usual walking around chanting their slogans.  Familiarity breeds contempt I suppose but it also seems to breed stupider slogans.  Typically for a Big 10 game you get some t-shirts and kids doing funny chants poking fun at the other team’s mascot and such.   These chants were a lot more personal and uncreative.  Disappointing.

The insanely small concourse was full as everyone wanted to get warm, food, and away from the wind outside.  At one point while trying to eat my hotdog this group of Iowa fans kept bumping into me while they flew threw beers like they were free.  I didn't think much of it as it was crowded and there's not much you can do about that in a crowd.
One female in this group was apparently in some sort of competition to be as skanky as possible.  Normally I wouldn't think twice about it but this woman hit the skank sweet spot somehow.  She was in her late early or maybe late 30s.  Not to say such a woman can't be a bit revealing if she wanted to but I expect a bit of creativity by that age, or at least that's what I usually see.  Jeans were insanely small and tight, but also too short.  I suppose that's probably the style (some place somewhere maybe everywhere), but it was more like they didn't fit anymore more than any of the tiny low jeans I’ve seen around. I think they were lost at the back of a closet for years and should have gone to Good Will or something.

She was of course covered in Iowa regalia but that in no way that would hide her various cleavage.   The number of logos on her was impressive. She had a Iowa Hawkeyes's thong like thing on that was popping out of her pants up her back and around her hips.  It was black with a yellow logo on it.  Even better the thong had copious amounts of pink lace on it that was so over the top I’m not sure how it was supposed to look and still look good. It was all twisted around and ratty.  She was with a couple of guys and another woman.  They were of course boozed up excessively and looked as though they had been that way for most of the day already.  Not just the boozed up and having a good time, like boozed up and looking like you should look at about 7 am or so. The kind of boozed up that looks like you are about ready to try walking home from the party when it is -15 outside with no coat only to freeze to death while collapsed a snow bank in a relatively inhabited area. 

Later there was this story about some sex romp in the bathroom.  I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if that was them.

Anyhow we went to our seats just below the press box (great seats).  The two seats next to our two seats at the end of our row are corporate seats owned by some company or other.  Early in the year (for good reason) they remain empty and later some folks pop in there now and then.  This game was some guy and his little boy.  Nice folks we chatted with them for a bit, the little boy offered everyone his candy now and then he was a cute friendly kid.  Then the usual longtime ticket holders gathered round with the usual round of handshaking greeting and discussing of recent ailments hip replacements and friend's passing. 

Then came the incident. About 10 minutes into the game some kid in the middle of our row got up.  My grandpa was on my left and further down was the guy and his son and the end of the row.  To my right is another guy in his 80s or 90s and his wife. They’re regulars and we always shake hands and greet warmly. That dude is pessimistic as hell but for good reason and he knows football. Sometimes his son joins him and he also is a smart cookie and makes for good strategy conversation.
Anyway apparently the kid moved down the row (it is a long row) and was getting anxious and I saw him poke the older lady in the arm a few times as she slowly got up.  I thought that was kinda stupid but the guy immediately to my right whose wife it was understandably more annoyed.  Finally as he passed her I believe he pushed her into her aside and possibly back into her seat but I didn’t get a good view at that point.

As the kid slipped past the old guy to my right the old guy gave him a bit of a shove (not sure what he intended) and said Hey don't push my wife!  Now the kid is standing to my left and we're all standing to let him thru.  The kid then moves in my direction shoves the old man pretty hard and yells Don't touch me!

The old guy to my right kept his balance fortunately.   Now I'm still between these guys but for cripes sake the old man is 80 maybe 90.  The kid is right by my grandfather and I and still trying to move in front of me toward old man to my right.   I stick my arm out and grab the kid by his sweatshirt.  I didn't intend to but I gave him a good thump on his chest when grabbing and pushed him back some as he moved toward the old man.  I held him back with a stiff arm as the kid raised his hand to do something toward the old guy again.  I slipped my camera in my right hand into my pocket not knowing what was going to happen next.

The kid looked to be late high school or freshman in college age, the perfect insecure age to make stupid decisions based on not getting respect from some ... 80 year old dude or whatever random person does something he doesn't like that involves his person.  He was dressed in full Iowa Hawkeye dress.  All I could manage to say as I wondered if he was seriously going to take a shot at the old man (or more likely at me as he wasn't going to get close enough to the guy if I could stop him) was to look the kid in the eye and say Hey hey hey!  How do you think this is going to turn out? I think the kid took it as more of a threat but I was thinking more logically like "Dude, you think hitting an old dude is going to win you some points with dome cops?"  The kid looked at me and then backed up to move away and I let him go. 

I looked up at the press box and a dude in the box was already on the phone and waved at me and signaled toward the phone as if he knew what was up and was calling for help.  I've never spoken to the due in the press box in that seat but he is always the same young guy and since we tend to be some of the earliest folk to sit in that area he always waves and we wave back.  He also is the dude who watches and quickly calls the medics when people frequently fall down the stairs (they're old, there are no railings, the ground is wonky). 
Being in the press box he also can see the TVs for replays.  We know him as the "replay guy".  They don't show the more agonizing replays on the jumbotrons to avoid riling up the local crowd too much.  So n a critical replay he's also the guy we all turn around and face to see what the signal is.  He never says anything but he does do the appropriate signal in our direction as the refs do after he makes his call on how it is going to do.  Obviously he's not an official but he's good at telling us what is likely to happen before the video replay dude finishes his thing. Often you'll get a big roar from the crowd in our area if he signals something positive for the home team and that often sets off the whole section and eventually travels down to the student section and so on.

Anyway a security guard came down quickly and stopped the kid near the stairs and after the kid talked to him the guard smartly told him Look you sit in the middle of that row right? Just go in and out the other way from now on.

The game went on.  The Gophers despite an encouraging 7 and 1 start were still hoping for their 8th win that season on the last game.  They had lost a pile of games in a row and apparently had given up.  Iowa was rolling over them.

Later I hit the bathrooms (no sex romp going on, as usual) and on the way back I saw the guy who brought his son talking it up with some fan coming up the stairs past him (couldn't tell who they were cheering for) but it looked and sounded like friendly banter about whose team is better.  So I'm going down the same stairs and the I see what looked like a friendly jab in the shoulder by the guy in on the stairs toward the guy who brought his son. 
There must have been some confusion but he guy who brought his son got all offended and yelled Don't touch me! (what the heck is with that phrase?).  The banter got decidedly less friendly and dumb. I kept going down the stairs and unwittingly somehow got between them unable to get out of the way with people moving up the stairs and standing around.  The guy who brought his son moved out of his seat toward me but couldn't get past me as then there was a logjam on the stairs and I turned to the now angry guy behind me (now they're both yelling stupid stuff) and he looked at me and I said Might be best if everyone just moved on.  Dude took my advice and went up the stairs.

The game went on without much further incident that I was aware of. We got up to leave during the third quarter.  It was sad.  Not because of the insanely bad score.  Not because the Gophers would never play in the dome again.  Mostly because you had to shake hands and say goodbye to all the people you had suffered with for a long time at those games.  They were true fans rarely leaving early, and rarely enjoying a win over a quality opponent but always arriving dressed up in their Gopher equipment and knowing most of the kids names and even the opponent’s players.  For years I had always held the program and read off names for everyone of someone obscure made a play and looked up info when they asked for it.

With the new stadium next year on campus nobody knows where they'll be sitting.  Everyone of course has received letters from the U noting they can guarantee better seats if they'd just make a donation or two...  classy, but at least it won't be in the dome.

Thanksgiving 2008

We plan to have family over for Christmas so the jerk off scheduling guy at work (duxup) scheduled me to work Thanksgiving.  This didn't prevent the in laws from deciding that it would be a good idea to come to our place for Thanksgiving. 

This is an absent minded and somewhat comprehension challenged family at times.  Now the parents are old so that accounts for some of it but explaining to them "I'm going to work." several times and that in fact some people work on holidays was a bit if a repetitive PIA.  We told you this. was a common phrase from Mrs. duxup.

The father and mother in law arrived a bit late the day before Thanksgiving giving me a bit of time to decompress and clean the house some before they arrived.  By some miracle they didn't kill themselves by dragging along this old desk with an integrated foot powered iron sewing machine.  We told them NOT to try to bring it as we feared what damage they might do themselves at that age by trying to bring that monster of a desk.   Somehow they survived the process and it now sits in the entrance to our home looking quite nice.

I worked Thanksgiving Day.  Leaving I had to again inform them that yes I am working, people do work, yes I have to go now.  No I'm not a lawyer / banker / own everyplace I work / nor am I retired so I do need to leave NOW.  Yes leaving now means I won't be eating breakfast that I know won’t happen until an hour after we plan it.  Yes this is the time I told you that I worked before.

Mrs. duxup later recounted the afternoon at the home.  This mostly consisted of the TV running at a blaring volume tuned 90% of the time to the new channels recounting the fighting in Mumbai and 10% of the time tuned to the religious channel.  The only interruptions of this were the occasions where the father fumbled with the remote and accidently hit the DVR controls. 
I can get how an unfamiliar remote is hard to manage but dude kept hitting the same wrong button each time.  No matter what he would always hit the same wrong buttons in succession.  If they were the right buttons he'd be some sort of remote Jedi master because he'd never get it wrong, but he was wrong and just didn't get the idea that he doesn't ever need to touch those series of buttons.   I'm fairly sure the DVR is full of sporadic recording of the religious channel and Mumbai footage.

Mrs. duxup's family tradition is to decorate for Christmas ON Thanksgiving day.  I found this odd but that's what they did.  Mrs. duxup tried to convince her parents to turn the TV off or at least not watch constant Mumbai coverage as it is Thanksgiving and she'd rather see / hear at insane volume horrific events for a bit.  But we want to know if something changes. Was the only response they could manage.   I'm glad I wasn't there.  I would have broken the TV just to not endure it all.

I guess they grew up in a different time when you just got the news from at least semi professional folk and absorbed as much as you could.  On the other hand I filter the news based on what I perceive to be BS and actual news.   As much as I have read about Mumbai I've no interest in spending several hours while some mimbo or bimbo who doesn’t seem to understand 3rd grade geography and sits on TV and talks to their counterpart and tosses out the most idiotic theories and platitudes possible and provides little to no actual information.  I suppose they're too old to change now but damn if there better not be something horrific to focus on over Christmas when I won't be able to avoid it.

The day continued on while I was at work playing on my 360, then came time to start making the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  This family suffers from a mild case of too many chiefs not enough Indians syndrome.  Lots of advice and ideas given, few based on fact, little action.  Accordingly despite much worry about not cooking the turkey long enough and worry about keeping the other food warm.  Nobody warmed the dishes that the side dishes got tossed in, or covered them before they sat out for a while and so on.  Also the turkey was underdone.  Fortunately it was all still edible and fairly yummy.

Dinner was nice and peaceful.  As soon as I got home the father in law discovered the cable music channels and promptly picked the worst (but not intolerable) of the two Christmas music channels.  There are two Christmas music channels (that I'm aware of) on our cable service.  One plays a mix of downright bad instrumental music along with some not quite top level but not bad signers singing a lot like some other singers you know who sang this song.... but it isn't them.  The other has all the classics and well done music.  I thought it was a bit weird with all the Christmas decorations but ok none the less.

I worked the next few days and Mrs. duxup wasn't entirely unhappy that she worked a few days as well.  Several times they talked about how they'd go out to breakfast before Mrs. duxup went to work, only to find some people just didn't bother getting up in the morning, ate, or a mix of both.   The last day Mrs. duxup got up found nobody had eaten and were awake (more by chance I guess) and they all agreed as a group that they'd go to breakfast.  Mrs. duxup would go put her shoes on and find .... someone is busy making them self breakfast.   They were all part of the conversation that they were now going to eat…

duxup's Employer & Employment

After being bought a number of years ago by bumbling idiots we (and the idiots) were bought again by their competitor a year or two later.  My early assessment was that our new overlords was that these guys were ... potentially sensible business people.  I usually say potentially because you never know these people well enough to know if it is good leadership or just being in the right place at the right time and the stopped clock hitting some fortunate hour.  Anyway the quick dispatching of morons from our company, a distinct change in their support structure that looks a lot like a sensible design and ACTUAL bonuses were encouraging.   With the economy heading down the pisser an announcement that we're still making good money AND are getting sizable bonuses this year is quite encouraging.  It also helps that I don't hate my job and work with good people.

It is something to be Thankful about for sure.  It also IMO highlights the general unfairness of the job market.  I came to this job almost as a fluke.  I don't think I'm super smart.  Being a good employee I'm sure helped me avoid the axe way back when we did layoffs twice a year.  Yet I'm also sure plenty of more capable smart dudes who joined up with a company and did great work are out there who are now out of a job thru no fault of their own, just the chance that they joined a company that failed.  I often hear the folks who cling to the idea that somehow the determining factor in being successful is your own personal hard work.  I don't doubt it helps, working hard is a good policy, but at the same time you just as easily could work hard and get dumped on as far as I can tell.

There was a good NPR radio show I was listening to and some dude did a study and wrote a book about successful people and tired to compare it to the American ideal that somehow hard work = success.  His conclusion was that the folks we think of as ultra successful are mostly just fortunate and the product of advantages given to few others.  They took rare opportunities given but also could have just as easily failed miserably if not given those opportunities regardless of how hard they worked.  The first example given was Bill Gates.  He noted that Gate's High School had access to a very nice computer and that even when he spoke with Gates, Gates noted that had they not had that computer his life likely would have ended up far differently.

New Phone

A while back I was chatting about how I'm up for a new cell phone and how I'd like some PDA functionality.  Mrs. duxup has since expressed the same wishes.  She's been accepted to graduate school at the U of M and will be taking the bus down there and back a lot.  She's tired of her old paper calendar (they still make those I guess) and would like one she can manage on her computer and take with her and read e-mail and ect.

Not wanting to leave Verizon (Mrs. duxup's choice, not sure why) looking at phones it seemed the only option was one of the blackberries.  There were other phones with calendars but syncing them up with a PC or online calendar was a big no on most as well as reading e-mail and ect.  We ended up ordering a pair of Blackberry Storms.  I played with them in the store a couple times and went back over the course of a few days.   I can see why some Blackberry users might not be super fond of it.  The other styles of blackberry with the keyboard and trackball certainly faster in terms of typing and such.  The Storm probably could have used a dpad or trackball but I’m not sure that would even makeup for the lack of a real keyboard for the business folk. For regular folk though it seems like the speed is a fair tradeoff for an extra big screen.

Anyway for non business use and such I figure it should work well for us.  I had considered picking up a different phone and trying some of the free software out there to update the calendar but I've found that over the years to be a fairly shaky plan.  Most of the time I can get the software to work but not on every computer and I've little tolerance for wonking around with that stuff for long.

Anyhow with the order in I can't wait to get it.  Doorbell rang yesterday and I hoped they started shipping early but it was just delivery of some photo book Mrs. duxup ordered :(

New Computer Time and Laptops

As noted Mrs. duxup is going back to school and I her PC (my old PC) is acting up.  Sometimes when powering off her system will shutdown and immediately power back up.  Rarely but often enough to notice a pattern it will power up but just not finish post and power down.  Give the PC 20 min by itself and either issue will resolve itself.  I'm tempted to replace the power supply but also maybe just get her a new PC as it is an older PC.  However, with the work bonus coming and Mrs. duxup going to school I'm tempted to go the laptop route so she can take it to school with her.  At the same time it might be more convenient to get a desktop for home, and one of those tiny laptops for school....  I'll have to take some of those for a spin.

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Bad decisions are bad by jayhawk88 (4.00 / 1) #1 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 12:40:25 PM EST
Everyone of course has received letters from the U noting they can guarantee better seats if they'd just make a donation or two...

They've been doing this at KU basketball games too. It's apparently getting to the point where you have to drop like $5k in donations just to guarantee lower level seating, and that's not even counting the price of the tickets. They're pushing the GA and now even the student sections further and further away from the court and from what I hear it's killing the atmosphere in the place; only  the fact that Phog Allen is basically a big barn is saving it. My dad, a lifelong KU fan who usually kills to go see a game, told me the other day he probably won't make it to one, since compared to his HD experience, it's just not worth the time/effort/money. I can't imagine what it will do to a football atmosphere, let alone for a team that sometimes struggles and really needs as much fan support as they can get.

Sports Guy had a pretty good piece on this recently as it pertains to NFL stadiums, how it's killing the home field advantage for teams building shiny new stadiums from the luxury suites up.

Pretty much by duxup (2.00 / 0) #2 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 01:27:55 PM EST
The U of MN was one of the few Big 10 Football teams that didn't have "donations" that were mandatory and so on but as soon as they

Even better in order to protect underage students they're talking about having NO alcohol sales in all sections at the new stadium... oh except boxes and "cub seats".  Want some beer?  Pay even more...

Tradition, loyalty, it is all out the door.  The local Big 10 network pimps out the history and tradition bla bla bla.  Gopher Basketball games are now played bizarre times to fill space on the network rather than Saturday afternoons.

[ Parent ]
It's going to bite them in the ass by jayhawk88 (4.00 / 1) #4 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 02:45:14 PM EST
And by "they" I mean all sports franchises that put chasing the easy dollar over supporting the real fans. A whole generation is growing up right now with a connection to their teams that isn't as strong as their fathers or grandfathers were, despite the fact that I can now watch sports 24/7 on no less than 6 different channels, or talk about it on hundreds upon thousands of websites. If you spend your entire fan life watching games on TV, how invested in it are you, compared to if you attend even 1 or 2 games a year? Not as much I'd wager. We're living in an age with more distractions than ever, teams should be actively pursuing "Joe Fan" rather than sticking him in the cheap seats (which aren't that cheap anymore). A TV fan is more likely to change the channel, or go surf the web or play a video game, when the going gets rough for his team: I know I'm guilty of it.

TV and corporate money and such is a sweet, sweet brew, I get that, but in the end it's going to cost them. The very thing responsible for the incredible explosion of sports revenue, in the end, will kill those sports, if teams don't make sure to take care of their fans.

[ Parent ]
It sure seems like it by duxup (2.00 / 0) #6 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 02:51:27 PM EST
All those corporate ties makes for good money but I think some of them will find that in a recession all that corporate money might not flow quite the same as it used to.  Empty boxes, club seats and ect are on the way I think.  Meanwhile fans tossed aside I think will find it easier to just stay home.

[ Parent ]
Nice save, Mr. duxup by georgeha (2.00 / 0) #3 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 02:41:47 PM EST
assuming you're really not named "Walsh".

This weekend I may upgrade to Verizon, on our daughter's plan. I'm such a nerd I'm thinking of the Centro, I have fond memories of my Palm III.

Walsh? by duxup (2.00 / 0) #5 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 02:47:42 PM EST
The Centro looks pretty keen too.  I thought it certainly had that classic Palm feel.

[ Parent ]
The man in the bathroom stall by georgeha (4.00 / 1) #7 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 02:53:01 PM EST
in the story.

I rarely use my phone, and would use the PDA function a lot more. I'll just have to see what sort of corporate discount I get.

[ Parent ]
LOL by duxup (2.00 / 0) #8 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 02:57:00 PM EST
Oh yeah, naw that wasn't me.  I don't know if it was inaccurate but according to the early local news reports here the woman and man in the stall knew each other.  Supposedly they came as two couples and she hooked up with the other woman's boyfriend and the husband was there to watch...

Yeah the PDA stuff is what I would use the most too.  My minutes used are so low everytime they ask me about my plan and check they think there is a mistake ;)

[ Parent ]
Storm by LilFlightTest (4.00 / 1) #9 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 04:20:07 PM EST
i'm not a huge fan of the Storm. I haven't used it much but i've played around with one at work. i have a Curve, and I like it quite a bit. i guess once you get used to the interface, it's not bad, but it's not my favorite BlackBerry device.

if de-virgination results in me being able to birth hammerhead sharks, SIGN ME UP!!! --misslake
That seems about right by duxup (2.00 / 0) #10 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 05:08:49 PM EST
I think that the typical blackberry interface is really fast and works well and if you jump to a touchscreen it slows down quite a bit.  This seems more like a blackberry for average consumers more than blackberry for power users or business folk.

[ Parent ]
i use mine by LilFlightTest (4.00 / 1) #11 Wed Dec 03, 2008 at 07:05:15 PM EST
primarily for i needed the full keyboard. the storm's "keyboard" is kind of...annoying. be sure you get a holster or case for the Storm, lest you scratch the hell out of it. also, if you have issues with screen breakage, let me know. the entire screen as a button thing doesn't thrill me.

if de-virgination results in me being able to birth hammerhead sharks, SIGN ME UP!!! --misslake
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I like the dome by MillMan (4.00 / 1) #12 Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 12:34:45 AM EST
but then I have fond memories of going to many baseball games with my dad back in '87.

"Just as there are no atheists in foxholes, there are no libertarians in financial crises." -Krugman

The dome by duxup (2.00 / 0) #13 Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 11:38:31 AM EST
There was a great article written about the dome by a former Twin Cities writer who writes for ESPN who talked about a banner that used to hang over right field that said "We like it here" as a sort of shot at cold weather / baseball in a dome jokes and such.  If I remember right he ended his story saying that the banner hasn't been seen for a long time.

I'll always think fondly of the World Series wins and such but thank goodness they're getting out of there in just about a year.

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