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By jayhawk88 (Sat Dec 13, 2008 at 04:57:36 AM EST) (all tags)
"Daaad, that's soooo embarrasing!" (pic inside)

First week of Daddy Day Care down, went pretty well. Jenn was actually off Monday and Tuesday of this week as well so it was a short week from that perspective. Monday we took them up to Canton to see Granny and Grandpa, and Tuesday we had them at their two month appt. Kayla is 10lbs 13oz and Megan 9 lbs 14oz. Both growing like weeds, everything is great.

Girls are starting to become a lot more active and aware of their surroundings too. We get smiles out of them every once in a while if we smile at them, and a couple times this week I've caught them smiling and cooing briefly at the mobiles in their swings. Holding their heads up more/better as well.

They're also starting to sleep better at nights, finally. If we give them a bath and feed them around 9 or 10, we can usually expect them to sleep until at least 3 or 4, sometimes more like 5. They figured this out right as Jenn was headed back to work and I was staying home, which annoys her no end. Really though, from the horror stories you hear from some people, I think we're lucking out big time. No collic, they don't mind cold bottles, generally will give you a couple/three hours peace if their bellies are full and their diapers clean. Biggest issues have been diaper rash (which is gone now) and the fact that they tend to get fussy right around supper time, which seem so inconsequential that it's embarrassing to mention them as problems at all.

Thanksgiving was kind of amusing. We head up to Canton and spend the day there, and of course the girls are passed around like so much Chex Party Mix; neither Jenn nor I touched them hardly at all the whole day, save for a couple of diaper changes and feedings. We get home and for the next day and a half they're both fussy as all get out. "Whaaa, Whaaa, Whaaa" whenever we tried to put them in bed/a swing, which I assume roughly translated to "Hold me! Hold me! Hold me!". Megan is already like this somewhat, but the difference was noticable. Spoiled girls, what can I tell you?
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