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By dark nowhere (Tue Oct 07, 2008 at 10:05:40 PM EST) (all tags)
Bah, diaries should default to iGrrrl-style timestamps or something for titles, I might be more inclined to write about minutae if I'm not faced with trying to return on the investment of coming up with a title.

Anyway, I'll do my best to be personal and current, yet trivial.

I broke the showerhead. No, the showerhead broke itself, being a plastic piece of crap that can't withstand being readjusted. I hate it. I'm starting to believe literally in the comedies I hear about people becoming very possessive about showerheads.

The DSi is pissing people off by being region-locked. It's not too bad--officially it's a value-added type move, and given that it's a platform revision and not a new generation, cards will maintain the existing region-agnosticism. The region-locking is restricted to the DSi-specific software (stored on SD.)

Of course the lesser forces in the dev scene are doing the Chicken Little routine. I've gotten tired of voicing reasonable assessments because people really like to panic. Y2K, S.A.R.S., helicopter parenting. Sometimes I suspect I take interest in AI because humans aren't worthy and are in desperate need of replacement.

The consciousness thing still occupies me a bit. I usually try not to think about it since it's a Big-Waste-of-Time-topic. I've had probably 3 good ideas concerning the nature of consciousness after entertaining innumerable ideas about it. Everyone who's cared about the topic is tired--nay--weary of it.

My hopes are to find some little sliver of the subject that can be scrutinized (and maybe even be put to empirical tests), and to find some other word for it without having to feel like the kind of asshat who would make one up. For the record, I aspire to be a different kind of asshat altogether.

I was going to write some garbage about television, but it's just TV. I'll say this much, while I think every television should have a dynamic limiter installed, it should be easily disabled. When things get interesting they usually get loud. At the volume I prefer, a limiter will destroy any conversation happening while things are getting loud.

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