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By nightflameblue (Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 07:17:18 AM EST) (all tags)

Some people have far more drama in their lives than I. And some enjoy creating drama.

AFKS strikes back. Learning the ways of the samu. . .er, mixer. Guitar schtick. Birthday Crew hits it again. Drama in the cleaning crew.

AFKS called last night to tell me a story. Oh, there's drama all over that boy's life. And he claims he dislikes it. His brother's a dumbass, but relatively harmless. However, he's screwed up his job situation so badly that somehow he's found himself in a situation where he only gets a paycheck once every two months and he's not the type of person who can hold a budget together long enough to live from one to the next. AFKS's wife has a family that makes Charles Manson seem like a good person to check your sanity against. AFKS's real dad, not the one he grew up with, but the guy what donated the demon seed that spawned him, is pretty much falling down. He's got a few months, at most. But he's pissed off everyone around him to the point to where even AFKS, who sort of feels for him what I feel when I see an animal get hit on the road, except I genuinely care more about that animal, is like, "meh, had to happen sooner or later."

And then he does this.

His wife has a younger sister. She's always been a little insecure about it because, frankly, her younger sister was a little hottay when they were reaching the age of curve development. Of course, she was also completely nuts. Which prevented me from noticing her more than once beyond the fact that we occassionally had to share space because we knew people that were dating and/or married to each other.

Anyway, AFKS at some point in their pre-history, saw little sister in short-shorts and was stupid enough to think it was appropriate to tell his then girlfriend how incredibly hot her little sister was in short-shorts. Hey, nobody's ever accused him of being a smart individual. The way he finally got her off the ledge as she was screaming at him about it was to say, "hey, you think that's bad! You don't even want to know what I think about your mom."

So, file that away in the back of your mind and keep it at the ready.

So, little sister has pissed off the entire family through a series of events that I don't feel like detailing, fun though it may be. They had a family gathering around the holidays where she went, but no one would talk to her. Like, literally, wouldn't even say hello to her. So, she's pissed. AFKS himself has been convinced the entire family hates him because of the way the adoption proceeding has gone and the fact that he's said it's OK to let it sit out there but it doesn't need to occupy every waking second of every day and they disagreed. To an alarming degree.

Got all that? OK, shuffle it in with this.

So, little sister asks AFKS to go along for a short day trip with her husband and kids for some function or another. On the way there, she cooks up that since the family hates her, and hates AFKS, that they should wife-swap. AFKS's wife would then have her kids that she's always wanted because little sister has two girls, and a guy that would stay home and help take care of them and the two people that the family hate could run off together and find themselves. He thinks she was mostly joking, but even if she wasn't, he thought it was a hilarious suggestion.

So he told his wife about it thinking that she would find it funny too.

I leave the end result of that to the imagination. All I'll say is that was on New Years Day and there's still shockwaves flowing around in his world from it.


So, I did another lesson in my Logic training book last night, and then skimmed ahead a few chapters and something in my brain went *PING*. I used to play live in various rock and metal shit-bands in my early days. One of the few things I was capable of doing right back then was getting a good stage mix. No idea why I'd forgotten all of those principles in the intervening years, but you know, the brain does strange things with information it doesn't use often.

I was skimming the page about mixing drums and the memories hit me like a bad flashback, except, not bad. Instruments need their own space in the mix. Durr. It's only logical, right? So, what I thought was a problem with levels in my previous mixes was, in actuality, a problem with my individual track EQs. I had everything flat-line EQed. So the drums and the guitars (the only things I'm working with thus far) were using the same sonic space and stepping all over each other. The ear only picks up certain frequencies from each of those instruments to a certain point, but they're still soaking up room in the other frequencies, muddying the mix and preventing separation. So, what you'll end up hearing is a sound that seems to be behind a blanket.

Like what I've been hearing in my mixes.

Again, durr. So I took my previous test piece and remixed with my old knowledge. Pulled out the low-end (below 80) and the super-high end (above 25k) on the guitars. Envelope filtered out the 5100 range that has a horrible hissing in it. Then squeezed the drum tracks to low and high, pulling out the mids because the guitar is the mid-range damn it. Then re-levelled to right below clipping and forgot to push the drums back up a bit after sucking the mids out of them. Oops. Then I tossed a noise reducer on the whole lot and tweaked to my satisfaction. Aside from the drums being too far behind the guitars this time, moar bettah.

I needs to get a bass track in there to mess with though. It would thicken the guitars and build the foundation between the ground of the bass drum and the walls of the guitars.

I'm about >< this far away from pulling the trigger on an X2N pickup for the bridge position because my guitar has a certain ringing high-tone that I'm not fully satisfied with in that position. I'm not alone in that position. The online reviews of the Ibanez V7 and V8 pickups, which my guitar came stock with, are overwhelmingly disgusted. I wouldn't go that far, but I will say it's not the right pickup for the music I'm playing. Too much high-end, not enough mids and lows. The pickup Chuck Shuldiner used when he had his best tone? That might be better. At least, I hope. If not, they go for close to retail on eBay, so it's not like I can't get my money back if that's not the ticket and pick up a ToneZone instead.


It occurs to me that I may not be safe this year even though my Birthday falls on a weekend. Someone in the same area as me in the offices has a birthday on Monday. The Birthday Crew got them this morning. She said, "but it's not until Monday." The Birthday Crew leader's response?

"We heard you're taking Monday off."

That's right, the Birthday Crew is using the Preemptive Strike on people that take their birthday off specifically to avoid the Birthday Crew's ridiculous childish song and dance.

She was un-thrilled.


The awesomely smelly fat-man (I'm allowed to say it because I'm fat too) that runs the cleaning crew hired a new guy a couple weeks back. The new guy talks like he's from the hickiest hick part of Tennessee and hasn't ever been in the BIG CITY before. The BIG CITY we work in has a population of about sixty-five outside of work days. With his accent, you can barely make out the words.

Anyway, dude's been calling in every day for most of the week, but today's payday so he showed up bright eyed and bushytailed. The ruling class of the janitorial staff is somewhat not cool with this and is running around the building complaining to anyone who'll listen except the one person he should complain to - the guy himself.

I thought about telling him he's the boss, he's supposed to tell his underlings when they fuck up, but then I realized I'd be stepping into the middle of a potential janitorial war. There's one thing I've learned in all my years of corporate servitude, don't piss off the janitors. Not only can they kick your ass with a mop handle and a bucket, but they have ways of finding things. Things not even the IT staff know about unless IT and the janitorial staff are working together on a case.

Like, bribery for a good cause or something.

Office politics is a real mine-field if you aren't careful. I'm so tired today I almost made a critical error in judgement that could have led to me being reported for having large stacks of porn and alcohol in my desk. I actually don't, but stinky fat-man has been known to report others for such actions that I know, for a fact, hadn't actually done any such thing. Because I asked them. And searched their desk looking for it when the rumors started circulating.

So, gotta perk up. Play it close to the vest. That was a close call.

Happy weekend everyone!

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On Saturday, by MohammedNiyalSayeed (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 07:21:45 AM EST

I will be integrating one of these to my Logic Studio workflow. It may improve or de-improve my productivity, but it will be shiny, and it will smell like freshly-extruded plastic, no matter what.

You can build the most elegant fountain in the world, but eventually a winged rat will be using it as a drinking bowl.
Oh yeah. by nightflameblue (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 07:28:14 AM EST
That's good stuff right there. I probably won't be doing off-board controllers for mixing for quite a while, as I'm kind of thrilled with the capabilities offered internally with Logic right now. And trying to save money. But that doesn't mean I can't see the beauty of such a thing.

It's like guitar porn for mixing sluts.

The one thing I do need to get is an I/O of some type for vocals, but I'm thinking more simply. Something like a Firepod or even a Black Onyx, which seems to be on sale absolutely everywhere and never get a bad review.

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Office politics is a real mine-field by wiredog (2.00 / 0) #3 Fri Jan 11, 2008 at 08:35:54 AM EST
Oh yeah. I lost a job last year when I got caught in the cross-fire, or something.

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