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By BelatuCadros (Mon Aug 13, 2007 at 06:28:48 AM EST) Electonics, Work, The benefits of quitting. (all tags)
This week was a bad week to be electronics around me.

How I'm staying busy at work.



My file server / mythtv box
I blew the fuse in the power supply. Since it was a cheap power supply, the fuse cannot be replaced easily. It is soldered on to the circuit board. With most of my tools packed, a new power supply is on it way.

200 Disc CD Changer
I haven't used it much since I got my iPod. The mechanical door to the changer seems to pop open very easily. While moving it into the pile of stuff to donate, it got caught on my clothes. SNAP. Now I have another thing the Salvation Army will not accept.

With packing I've got wires all over the place. I tripped on one causing my wireless access point to fall to the floor breaking off the antenna. The access point didn't want to die alone, on its way down it also pulled on the composite cables to the digital cable box, bending the RCA connectors.

Last week I got so bored I actually created things for me to do. This mostly involving training the remaining members of my group. None of them have any System or Network Admin experience, they barely have Unix experience. As my former Manager said when he heard I was leaving "This is going to be a fucking disaster." Meh.

A few months ago, I was wondering if quitting was the right thing for me to do. I'm now wondering why I didn't do it sooner. So far the benefits are:

  • I'm no longer worried about all the things on my ToDo list. My job ends the first week of September, and that's where my plans for the Lab end too
  • I have more energy when I get home, I no longer have to take a nap
  • My binge drinking has stopped, I now only have 2-3 beers at most
  • I'm more "regular", no need to expand on this one
  • Combine all the above and I've lost 5 lbs in a month
I fly out to Vancouver Wednesday to try and find a decent place to live. Hopefully I can find one that is at least 2bdr with a laundry and a place I can work on my car without too many people bitching.
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here, be careful of walking on other folks' turf..

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