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By aethucyn (Sun Jul 29, 2007 at 01:56:00 PM EST) (all tags)
A bit of an update on what's been going on with me over the past month or so.

First off, it's been a heavy duty work month for me. Various people have been taking time off, with there never been fewer than two people off on any given week. As the newest fully trained person in the department, and one who has proven himself to be quick on picking up on new assignments, I've found myself covering for whoever is away, dashing through my own work, and then lending a hand to help out the new people who aren't yet up to speed on the work that had previously been mine. The result has been a low-grade stress, which combined with the heat, has made me less than sociable in the evenings.

Last week, I shook off my isolation for my birthday with some of the Boston husites +2 for dinner at the Summer Shack. Beer and fried things, mmmm. We also caught some animation being shown as part of artbeat, most notably one about eating dead monkey for dinner. After that, most folks headed off to their homes in the outer regions, but S and I decided on taking a long walk to view the various HP celebrations. There wasn't so much going on by that hour except for the line ups which were extending around blocks, and had necessitated streets being closed off. I'll admit to having certain ambivalent feelings towards the books. I actually had started reading them out of order, and I suspect if I hadn't read the third book first, I would probably not have bothered. I suppose like most things people become fanatical about, I find myself a bit disappointed. I enjoy them, but couldn't imagine reading the books twice, let alone understanding the people who re-read them all before each new release. I got the new book in the mail from Amazon on thursday night, and I find that while I was zipping through it on the subway, and during my breaks on Friday, when given stretches of free time over the weekend, I'm just not that thrilled with the notion of picking it up.

Anyway, this thursday, I ended up catching a free concert in Copley Plaza. The Cat Empire was playing which was rather a fun band to catch out there. I was considering attending the sneak preview of Stardust as well, but didn't feel up for the line that had already formed 45 minutes before the showing.

Friday night, I decided to use my membership card for the ICA, which I have barely used since getting it in January. The truth is that the museum is just too crowded on Saturday and Sunday, so I figured catching it on one of the nights it's open until 9:00 would be a decent plan. I'm still pretty ambivalent about the new location. For all that it has a new building, it seems to have done very little so far as effective use of space. Of the 4 floors, only the top is used as gallery space, though there is also a sort of auditorium. There is, however, an excellent view of the harbor which everytime I've been there has outshown any of the artwork on display.

Also, that evening there was salsa dancing outside. I had sat down just to listen to the music, and was surprised when a woman asked me to dance. It turned out to be rather disappointing. I didn't expect much from the dance, but I was sort of hoping that she'd at least look at me during the dance. It is extremely hard to dance with somebody who seems 100% unaware of you. An absolute effort in futility. The real shame of it was that her friend was cuter, and looked like more fun, but after the lame dance with one woman, there was little hope of a dance with the other.

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