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By Alan Crowe (Sun Jul 01, 2007 at 08:52:50 AM EST) surfing (all tags)

It has a wonderful subject line

The internet will evolve from being a global suppository of all human knowledge into actually being humanity.
Poll inside.

I've been on holiday for a week in Scarborough, staying with my parents in a nice hotel. My health has been poor and the rest has done me good. Now I am home I have email to catch up.

Terrible weather, but you expect that if you holiday in the UK. I was surprised at the number of surfers in Scarborough. One day there were almost 50. The first day I saw two at first, little black figures bobbing in the waves in their wetsuits. I misjudged the distance and thought they were seals.

I enjoyed watching them through binoculars. It was restful, like watching cricket. They spent most of their time adjusting their position, making ready to catch a wave if a good one came. They seldom attempted to catch a wave and when they did they rode it perhaps one time in three.

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