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Sick Kids
Well, sick kid. CU2 has picked up bronchitis from somewhere. He went away on a school camp for a week, and came back with quite a nasty cough. That did not go away and ended up getting worse.

So it's off to the quack, and Mrs C finds out it's bronchitis. So it's rest and antibiotics. Bummer.

Going to Uni
I have decided to go back to Uni for a while. I'm going to have another go at engineering - doing a double major in BEng (computer systems) and BSc (computer science). It's quite interesting going back to my old school 20 years later - the freaky thing being that some lecturers are still there from my first time.

The other amazing thing is when I was there 20 years go, there were about 32-35 contact hours - now it ranges between 16-20. Kids these days have got it easy...

Second Honeymoon
Seeing I am in Dublin being housed in probably one of the poshest hotels (the Shelbourne if anyone is interested) - I have told Mrs C to offload the sprogs on Mum and Dad and get her butt over here. So she will be here Thursday for 10 days - looking into my Crystal Ball I see lots of hot monkey sex in our future.

I think after 17 years we deserve the full luxury hotel treatment - I will have to work some of the time, but that's OK - I need longer recovery time these days.

New Computer
My new machine leaves the UK on Monday - so it will take a month to ship to Fremantle. It's a Tandem NSK machine circa 1990. I got it for 50 quid on ebay, but its costing a grand to ship over. Here is a pic - 460kg of big iron goodness...

New Me
Mrs C and CU1 went to Japan in April for 2 weeks as part of a student exchange. At the same time CU2 was on a scout camp. So I decided to get serious about training and gym work. After some discussions with my trainer I went onto a 3 weekly program with in between days on cardio. SO the program is:
Mon: chest/bi, cardio1, abs
Tue: cardio 2, abs
Wed: back/tri, cardio 1, abs
Thu: cardio 2, abs
Fri: legs/shoulders, cardio 1 , abs

cardio 1 is 20 minutes of intensity on a x-trainer and 20 min of fat burn on a bike, cardio 2 is 20 min intensity and 40 min on a bike.

In the time I have been doing this I have gone from 95kg to 83kg and I have decent muscular definition for the first time, well, ever. I'm aiming for 78 kg - if I get there, I will be fitter and stronger than I have ever been. Im starting to get the hint of a 6 pack outline, and I only have a small pinch of fat on my waist now.

My current resting heart rate is around 56, and my BP is down to 115/70. My pant size has dropped 10 cm, so I'm pretty happy with that.

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