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By Cloaked User (Thu Apr 05, 2007 at 11:35:34 AM EST) (all tags)
So very, very tired

Well I went out as planned last night, and had a blast. My (ever so slight) fears were well and truly misplaced in the end. We just sat and drank and chatted about stuff and drank and smoked¹ and drank and ate and drank and generally had a really good time.

1 I'm annoyed with myself about that, but it does happen from time to time

She's generally ok, but has man troubles, so I sat and leant a sympathetic ear; she repaid the favour listening to my problems. In classic drunken style we then set out to set the world to rights, agreeing that people should just say what they mean and/or feel (as appropriate) and stop expecting other people to guess. If only...

I'm not at all sure what time I finally made it home, but I see I was drunkenly commenting here at 12:40am, so I assume it wasn't exactly early. Oops.

So I got up this morning only to find that the slight stomach upset I've had for the last couple of days or so had upgraded itself, leaving me in no desire to stray too far from a loo. So I worked from home, which annoyingly meant not being able to meet up with CR. Still, we chatted for a while on Messenger instead, which while a poor substitute is at least a substitute.

Stupid cat
For the last year or so I've had one of those magnetic cat flaps that won't allow a cat in to the house unless it has a magnetic "key" on its collar. Well, one of my cats managed to lose her collar this morning along with her little magnet. Predictably enough the pet shop near me doesn't stock them, so I'll need to go to the pets at home in Romford in the hopes that they do - it is where I got the cat flap from in the first place after all...

Update [2007-4-5 18:8:30 by Cloaked User]: I wasn't going to mention $girl, but I just finished chatting with her online (complete with webcams²) so I might as well. I suggested meeting up on Sunday, but she's fully booked this weekend (fair enough, it's Easter, people are likely to be). While she didn't seem averse to the suggestion of meeting up, she also didn't suggest an alternative date.

So that answers that question then.


2 No, not that sort of webcam use. Perv.

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