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By Bartleby (Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 12:03:03 AM EST) (all tags)
Went to the laundry parlour this morning to see a note posted on the washing powder dispensing whatchamacallit that said the thing had been vandalised and that customers please bring their own powder until it was replaced. On to the other parlour across town -- which was closed for repair. Back home. 7 a.m., riding a bike that's kept afloat by rust and dirt and my nostalgia for the good times we had. One hour to go till shops open, no washing powder, no coffee either, my life in shambles, nobody loves me, boohoohoo.


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I had a diary almost ready on Saturday when I was suddenly struck by a severe case of can't-be-arsedness. Let's see what can be salvaged.

Reduce, reuse, recycle.


Today (March 12) is the 400th birthday of Paul Gerhardt, author of some of the best-known Lutheran chorals. Even this cult-loathing heathen can't escape the simple charm and magic of "Nun ruhen alle Wälder", though I have to admit it helps if don't listen too closely to the words once that God character shows up. Then again, unlike me, Gerhardt had to deal with some real hardship in his life, so maybe some humility on my part wouldn't hurt.

Gerhardt also wrote the German translation of "Salve Caput cruentatum" (or that's what I'm told is the original) that Bach used in the St Matthew Passion, "O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden".


Spring is upon us, the dark blots I saw on the horizon yesterday did look a lot like storks. Is it really that time of year already? Serenely circling upwards, as storks are wont to do, always makes me sentimental. I can't fly, but I can ride; bicycling season seems to be starting again, or rather picking up. I've seen cyclists all through this joke of a winter we had. I still haven't replaced the stolen bike; of course, there are always other, more urgent or more reasonable ways to use the money, but the phantom pain is growing stronger lately.

For the moment, I keep to (glass/browser) window shopping. For starters, I looked up the website of the stolen bike's manufacturer. I'm kind of partial to this one. (Comments, endorsements, ridicule?) As far as touring bikes go, it's not even expensive. The problem is not that I couldn't afford it now, the problem is that I might wish soon that I still had the money. Well, for now I'm only dreaming anyway.


ATTN phenomenologist infidels

I think I've plugged the zwarwald web comic before, but I just have to do it again. Today's instalment is in German and a tad wordy, though...

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