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By ana (Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 09:37:25 AM EST) music, MFC, writing (all tags)
Miscelleny, having to do with choral music, writing, work, and stuff.

Lunch Friday with iGrrrl, toxicfur, and Kellnerin. Company was unexceptionable; the food was comfort food for two us. Comfort food is good. I had carefully copied out hulver's mobile number beforehand, as LHusi Drinks were convening about the same time we got together for lunch, but totally spaced out trying to use up some of my excess cell phone account balance calling the Mother Country. Sounds like y'all had fun.

Kellnerin brought along her waterlogged but autographed copy of Lysergically Yours, for comparison to the autographed but not otherwise marred copy 256 had sent us for delivery to her.

So I inherited the web site duties for one of the choirs I'm in. The hosting deal says 10 megs, no more. So far the site itself is about 8 megs, so it should fit, right?

I downloaded the whole shebang (yay, ncftp) to my ibook, enabled php in the apache server config, RCSed everything I wanted to change, and fixed stuff.

Come time to upload, it turns out that there's also a mail account or two or three, including a "catch all" account, with like six thousand spam messages in it. Which, naturally enough, count against the above quota. So we're over, by a factor of order two.

Silly web interface says you can only delete them a page at a time, so I adjust the page size to max, and it's still over 30 screenfuls of dreck to purge. I disabled the catch-all account, forwarded the dreck to a new gmail account I set up for that, and forwarded the postmaster stuff to my own g-mail account. Still, there were 60 spam messages after just 6 months; not so horrible, but I dunno where they're coming from or how they're addressed so as to get through.

It takes about 24 hours for the quota daemon to wake up and notice that we're under quota again, and allow uploads (again, yay for ncftp). I've offloaded obsolete images, but it's done now. Would be, if only the choristers could be arsed to write a paragraph each about themselves & their musical interests.

Proposals due this week. Yuck.

Draft of our annual review objectives etc. was due a couple weeks ago, via a web application that, of course, doesn't allow us to change such things. And our supervisor has over a dozen of them to do so she's sure not going to do them herself. Ah, technology. Gotta love it. Or, perhaps, run from the room screaming.

Not much writing to report lately, and I miss it. The last couple of Sunday writing chat thingies I spent writing familiar stories from different points of view. I guess it was a useful exercise, as all my characters tend to converge to the same voice. Michael Cunningham once said (at a reading that toxicfur and I attended) that his characters each inhabit hir own novel, and his job is to tell those parts of all those stories that intersect the novel he's actually writing.

Plenty of music going on lately. The extracurricular choir is getting underway for the spring term (see above under web development). The church choir is helping out with the interview process for a new choirmaster/organist, as the present incumbant (who delegates our choir to her assistants) will be retiring in June after 30 years on the job. I gather the plan is for the new person to herd both choirs through services on Sundays & special days.

Plus evensong and benediction, coming up next Sunday. If you're interested, here are the particulars: Church of the Advent, Boston, 5pm Sunday 18 March. Music by Byrd (I did a part of Ne Irascaris for a WFC once), and Healey Willan.

Gee, I wonder if superdiva ever did anything with the moving pictures she took of a March evensong that happened to coincide with the Great Boston HusiMeet of Aught Four.

I cut a CD of the MFC X songs, which I'm working through during my car trips. Really good stuff there. I'll get around to voting in a few more days, if the polls stay open that long.

And now, back to proofreading a paper that's being resubmitted ASAP, and some proposal drafts. And staring at the infamous scatterplots, wondering what I'm gonna do with whatever it is they're telling me.

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I find by Kellnerin (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 12:24:48 PM EST
it amusing how often you type WFC for MFC. Like Woo/Moo, it must be Australian for MFC.

I also have been known to take multiple whacks at the same piece, though there's a danger of writing it into the ground without ever getting it right (not quite fingerpainting, but something related for which I don't have the right analogy). Switching POV seems to help, though. Somehow it doesn't seem to "count" if I'm writing from a POV that's not the one I ultimately intend to use, but I'm still working something out about the scene (and about where that character's coming from, when I write it "for real.") And sometimes, once you've looked at a thing from enough different angles, the "right" way to approach it becomes clear(er).

I think if you're gonna do that, though, you oughta take a few stabs at scenes around the ending of the Saga ... you've nailed the various beginnings, the introduction of characters, their relationships, and so on. But there's lots left to explore in terms of what these threads combine to create -- what does the fabric look like when they all come together, each bringing their own color and texture? I'm stretching metaphors very thin here, but I think you already know that this is the uncharted territory that needs to be mapped out; once you have the general shape of it, you can go back and slant all those more-familiar parts so that they subtly point toward where it's all going.

Alternately, it'd be cool to see more of that story from E's perspective. He doesn't get bogged down in the science or the theory, so his thoughts seem to be on a more big-picture level, thinking about the implications of what they're discovering rather than the particulars.

Sorry, yet another random speculative comment of the kind that I drop into your diaries every so often.

"If a tree is impetuous in the woods, does it make a sound?" -- aethucyn

thanks. by ana (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Mar 12, 2007 at 12:38:34 PM EST
I always appreciate your take on where things should go. And you're right about the endgame, which, in two novembers running now, I put off until it was too late to do anything good with.

And yeah, more about Eric, who he is, and what his contribution is, beyond supporting actor and Getting The Girl In The End.

Not to mention the looming elephantine presence in the forest, from whom we've yet to hear.

Regular, or decaf abomination? --Kellnerin

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