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By alprazolam (Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 01:44:39 PM EST) beer, squirt & tequila, rex grossman sucks (all tags)
a long weekend (in the good sense)

Thursday night, went for a short run at the gym before driving down to Dallas to pick up my buddy WJW from Love Field. After a bit of waiting due to the crummy weather he arrived and we hurried off to Primo's in Dallas for dinner. It was pretty good; the margaritas were fine (really, how good does a margarita need to be?), the carne asada was good but not great and the mole chicken was pretty good, the mole sauce was good (not that I'm an expert). We decided to spend Thursday night at my place watching Beerfest which was absolutely hilarious. A fantastic movie for to watch while drinking and otherwise partaking.

Saturday we drove down to Austin. Ate lunch/dinner at Stubb's, which was fairly good. The smoked pork loin was tender and smokey, the serrano spinach was awesome. We bought some cheap plastic (10'x100' roll) to hang around my buddy's carport for his party Saturday night and then went to Mugshots.

Got absolutely hammered at Mugshots, combination not eating enough (only two meals, neither large) and drinking a crapload including starting with two Long Islands. We met this really cute phd psych student and my buddy (who is becoming a major pimp, especially for a phd math student) got her number. He called her the next day to invite her to his party but she declined as she was "trying to stay sober". Too bad.

Saturday after a hungover morning we went to Champions to watch the Hogs lose to Kentucky in a disappointing game. Arkansas had the lead but blew it when Kentucky went small on them. Stephen Hill is the real deal and that is quite encouraging. However I couldn't help but think Arkansas would have dismantled Kentucky if Ronnie Brewer was still handling the ball for them. Brewer, Towns, Hill, could put me out there with that group and we'd still win games.

We rented a propane heater for the party...or I should say I rented it. Apparently even though I live all the way in Dallas, the fact that I have a Texas driver's license made me the only acceptable person to rent the stupid thing. Whatever. Anyway we hung and spray painted the plastic, set up for the party and picked up the keg. We started drinking around 7 or 8 and people started to show up a little before 9. Friends first, math department people next (the usual flip cup gang), the doctor and one of her friends from San Antonio and the rest of the totally random people showed up later. It was a good night with a good turnout considering it was in the 30's temperature-wise. Not as many people as the last party, but I was fearing it might be even less. The plastic and heater did a great job of keeping the area warm. No real debauchery went on except for me dragging the doctor out back around a corner for half an hour's worth of making out. For some reason she thinks it's hot that I don't give a fuck if anybody sees. She stayed until we got rid of the last guest (which took forever...what a freaking dork) and then drove back with her friend. As usual my game was strong all night long and I didn't get too drunk to be charmingish. No puking in my sleep like I did Friday night either. Which was quite gross by the way.

Drove back Sunday to catch the Superbowl, actually got a late start and had to catch the first two touchdowns on the radio. Was not really surprised by anything except for how easy the Colts ran Addai right down the middle of the Bears defense. I suppose it helped that they were dropping Urlacher 20 yards deep to cover the middle of the field. I would have voted Grossman MVP if it was up to me. Manning didn't impress me and I didn't watch any of the postgame after Dungy started yapping about god.

So went to bed early, got up this morning to drive my buddy back to the airport. Made it to work where I did nothing interesting all day. Kinda stuck in that mood I get in where I want to go hang out with my friends or at least be around people...but can't cause I'm stuck here at work in Dallas.

Haven't talked to the girl from up here for a couple weeks although the doctor mentioned going back to Austin next weekend. She has priority now as she basically acts a lot more interested in me. But I do want to try something with the Dallas girl.  Whatever, it's time to finish things up around here.

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your restaurant exploits ... by BlueOregon (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 01:54:16 PM EST

... and the smoked pork loin for some reason reminded me of the following:

El, you really must try this because it's puerco pibil. It's a slow-roasted pork, nothing fancy. It just happens to be my favorite, and I order it with a tequila and lime in every dive I go to in this country. And honestly, that is the best it's ever been anywhere. In fact, it's too good. It's so good that when I'm finished, I'll pay my check, walk straight into the kitchen and shoot the cook. Because that's what I do. I restore the balance to this country. And that is what I would like from you right now. Help keep the balance by pulling the trigger.

I suspect what you had wasn't too good and you didn't leave corpses in your wake.

I do wonder, however, where the cute phd students are around here. Should have gone to Austin instead.

heh by alprazolam (2.00 / 0) #2 Mon Feb 05, 2007 at 05:18:06 PM EST
i meet at least two cute grad students every time i go. austin is some kind of mecca for hot women.

and i've had about the best pork this country's ever seen and didn't have to kill anybody, so i question that idea about restoring balance. this country needs to get all the good smoked hog it can before we're back close to even.

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