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By Sapphire (Wed Oct 31, 2007 at 04:20:07 AM EST) (all tags)
Being in Maine was wonderful!

After 13 hours of travel on Friday, we finally made it to Portland.  Rizzo and Lady Jane were super hosts!  We finally got to see Rizzo's new (to him) Harley. We met LJ in Chicago.  There is a House of Blues kiosk in the Midway airport that had larger than life sized statues of Elwood and Jake Blues dancing.  I did get a photo of BB with them.  I haven't uploaded the images from my camera yet.  

Saturday was full of preparation for the mountain party.  We did stop at the Bayou Kitchen for a late breakfast.  It was good.  I really miss Vetty.  Not as many people showed up on the mountain.  There were a few surprises of who did.  Someone BB and I went to school with actually came and brought his wife.  I didn't remember him.  Mountain Hippie came although we were under the impression that he wouldn't show.    Anyway...The Hammer's minus Wild Bill were there.  I'm shocked that they bowed out fairly early.  What ever happened to them camping once a month year round?  That would have been a perfect opportunity.  Bill is broken.  He will be better soon.

Sunday morning was cleaning the camping area.  The people who were there must have forgotten that there are designated trash and recycling areas.  I found bottles and trash everywhere.  I took care of as much as I could.  We left the mountain and R bought us coffee at this new place in Westbrook.  Good coffee...   LJ cooked up this really awesome breakfast. Eggs, pepper bacon, waffles, a really awesome left over steak hash and toast.  BB's mom and his nephew drove to Portland to pick us up.  They dropped me off at my sister's house so I could actually see her for more than 30 minutes this trip.  I really miss just hanging out with my sister. 

I did call my parents, Monday morning, to let them know that I was in town.  My dad insisted on driving over to pick me up.  My idea was to have them come over so we could spend the day together as a family.  My parents are much older people and they are so set in their ways.  I asked Ter to come pick me up at the 'rents house so I could spend some more time with her and the kids.  BB's family had a gathering/ birthday party.  It was his sister's birthday.  I am amazed at how much those people love me.  I have been completely accepted into their family.  BB had the brilliant idea of asking them whether or not they like me better than him.  I wasn't sure he liked the answer.  Apparently I'm some kind of Goddess for "putting" up with him for so many years.  It was wonderful to see the fam.  Matthias and JJ schlepped our freaky asses back to Portland.  We finally had the opportunity to hang out with Molasses.  She looks wonderful!  Man it was nice to see her!  It's been so long since we've just sat on the couch and just chatted.  It's just not the same as a phone call or email.  We made it back to our home base.  I just went to sleep.  I knew the trip home the next day would be a daunting one.  I was right.  Five hours cooped up in a plane isn't fun.  It was, however, worth every  minute of time we got to spend with our loved ones in Maine!

I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of aspects of the trip.  It was just great to be home!  Four little months and we will be back in New England for good.  

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It was great to see you, too! by Corky Sherwood (2.00 / 0) #1 Thu Nov 01, 2007 at 11:18:18 AM EST
I do miss you both a lot.  Thanks for the compliment; losing 45+lbs plus shedding parts of your life does make a person look good!  LOL!

I can't wait for you both to come home.  Lots of couch time.  And we've GOT to go see The Awesome!  They are AWESOME!!!!

Chat soon!

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