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By spacejack (Tue Aug 08, 2006 at 07:10:25 PM EST) CFC, CFC2 (all tags)
Okay, it's been a week of voting. The second Comic Fun Challenge wraps up today.

As of around 12:00am EST today, the results were as follows:

The winner, (by quite a wide margin!) was The Long Month of Creation (longmonth.jpg). Not at all surprising, as this was a very entertaining comic, with interesting stuff happening in every panel. It almost felt like 33 comics worth of ideas rather than just one. The style was very endearing and the drawings seemed to become more and more experimental and ambitious as it progressed. So congratulations on a well-deserved win! The torch is now passed to you to organize the next CFC!

Also, this time the "genius unappreciated in their own time" award is split between 3 comics, all tied with two votes each: Turkey Slap DE (turkeyslapde.jpg), Apple Aztek (apple_aztek.jpg), and the untitled comic1.jpg.

Check the CFC2 page for all the comics and their authors, once again hosted by 256.

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Re: authors by spacejack (4.00 / 4) #1 Tue Aug 08, 2006 at 07:12:33 PM EST
I've asked 256 to reveal the comic authors, but I think is/was out of town earlier and I'm not sure if he's back or gotten the message yet. In any case, while we wait, feel free to come forward and own up to your work.

The three I voted for were: A View From the Fridge (avftf.jpg), a very classy and polished first entry, Lucky Penny (luckypenny.jpg) a great one-pager that was a lot of fun to read and look at, and of course A Long Month, because it's awesome. There were a bunch more I liked a lot, including the untitled comic1.jpg, and I had a hard time not using a vote for webwench vs rmg. I mean come on, it's friggin webwench vs rmg!!!

As for my entry, if you've been reading my diaries lately, you probably know I've been practically spamming Husi with ink-brush drawings. So guessing that mine was Déjà Joué may not have been all that difficult. Anyway, just a few notes of possible interest on that:

I actually came up with the idea during the first CFC, but I figured I had stuffed the ballot with enough entries already and would save it for another time.

Unfortunately when that time came, I ended up procrastinating for a while, and wanted to see some other entries first. Then things got pretty busy at work, and finally wound up doing it over a couple of nights just before the deadline. Thus there are a bunch of panels in that that I'm really not too proud of. I might re-do a few at some point to polish it up just a bit.

In the meantime, I'm working on another sekrt art thingie, that I'll hopefully be posting in the near future...

comic.jpg by garlic (4.00 / 4) #2 Tue Aug 08, 2006 at 08:51:57 PM EST
I've been thinking about modern art recently, and how a that style doesn't require technical skill in creating for "idea" pieces. There's a piece in the art institute of chicago that's just a title, and that's the artwork. I think that's fun. I don't know much about art history, so I probably can't art for shit either.

A related article by spacejack (4.00 / 1) #18 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:27:57 AM EST
that I read recently here.

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Awesome by TPD (4.00 / 4) #3 Tue Aug 08, 2006 at 11:39:51 PM EST
it was a great competition and really well hosted!

The 3 podium finishers were my 3 votes, and if I'd have had to pick a winner I'd have gone for Longmonth which was simply stunning!

My entry was WW vs RMG, which was really just a bit of sillyness - Cliched and Corny it was lots of fun to draw and write (even if the writing part took less than a minute). I never did really get the chance to do more than the rough pencils but now I got my funky new graphics tablet there may well be some further refinements in my diaries.

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I must own up... by motty (4.00 / 4) #4 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 02:24:59 AM EST
... to toon.jpg, fwiw.

Wanted to have a go at actually drawing something but ended up losing track of the deadling and discovering when it was with an hour to go. So I had a go on the Kabam! comic creator thing in a hurry instead.

Annoyingly, instead of actually creating an image for you at the end of the process, it instead creates a print job, so to get an image out of it you have to find that file in the spool and then convert it from Postscript to something more useful.

Next time I'll try drawing something.

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Deadling by motty (4.00 / 2) #6 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 02:25:53 AM EST
Sheesh. I have turned into Bluebottle. Obviously I meant dendlinge.

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So many of these were really good. by toxicfur (4.00 / 4) #5 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 02:25:38 AM EST
I had no ideas for a comic, so Driusan sent me a script he'd written. I warned him that I can't draw very well (though it's something I enjoy). He decided to take a chance anyway, and the result was Lucky Penny. I made a few initial sketches, remembered that I have no idea how to create perspective, and just decided to go for it. I drew it using Adobe Illustrator and my Wacom graphics tablet. As a result, I'm much more comfortable with both of those.

Longmonth was my favorite of the comics, with Deja Joue as runner up. I also admit that I had to vote for zombie - who doesn't love zombies? And stick figures?
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Great entry by TPD (4.00 / 4) #7 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 02:50:42 AM EST
I really like the last but one frame of the woman in jail. It's beautifully composed and really emotional!

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I suspected that was yours by Kellnerin (4.00 / 3) #11 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 03:41:35 AM EST
But more because of knowing that you were doing Druisan's script than from your drawing style, since I've never really seen that before ;)

I think I voted for the same ones you did, but I can't be sure, because as usual I agonized over my choices and then forgot what they were as soon as I clicked "Vote."

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I came last by cam (4.00 / 2) #8 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 02:58:34 AM EST

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Me too by squigs (4.00 / 3) #9 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 03:00:09 AM EST

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ahhhh by cam (4.00 / 3) #25 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 11:56:12 AM EST
but I came last twice. In the bottom stakes I am 66% last, you are only 33% last.

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Dammit! by squigs (2.00 / 0) #27 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 12:48:06 PM EST
I knew I shouldn't have voted for myself.

But then, how was I to know someone else would.

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I didnt vote for myself by cam (2.00 / 0) #29 Thu Aug 10, 2006 at 04:05:38 AM EST
so that makes you teh winnah! I was wishing I did though after I saw how badly they were doing.

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Thanks for organizing this by BlueOregon (4.00 / 5) #10 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 03:36:31 AM EST

I'll own up to The Long Month of Creation. Following in the mode of other comments here and as in the WFCs I'll give a brief post-mortem.

I didn't care for the 'result' -- I ran out of time, forgot to actually 'draw' the thing early enough, and it was too dark for any natural light, so I had to photograph near midnight with flash. The 'original' is considerably cleaner, sharper, and more black-and-white.

I somehow got it in my head that I should do something 'narrative' and since I did not want to illustrate text, I decided to go wordless. In addition, by going wordless the images and their arrangement would have to carry the story logic, which I hope was 'clear enough.' Each row is somewhat self-contained, and if I had not decided to stick with 3-square-boxes-per-row, I would have recomposed a number of panels that would have worked better as rectangles, etc.

spacejack wrote, "the drawings seemed to become more and more experimental and ambitious as it progressed," and while those aren't quite the words I would use, I would say that is close enough to the intended 'evolution' of the 'world' depicted.

I'm glad some folks liked it.

Regarding the others -- I figured out spacejack's, TPD's and toxicfur's by style, previous posts, and knowledge that the person in question had just finished and uploaded a file, respectively. I was also quite fond of the 'jail scene' in Lucky Penny.

Aha! by spacejack (4.00 / 2) #14 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:19:19 AM EST
Excellent work! And excellent guesswork too. TPD's was the only one I was able to guess. Even with yours, I thought it was something that was done a panel/day rather than all at once.

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originally ... by BlueOregon (4.00 / 2) #19 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:42:09 AM EST

... I wanted to focus more on the Pygmalion/Galatea meets Frankenstein's monster aspect and I had some design ideas there, but due to space/time limitations I cut that and instead decided to go for that figure just developing panel by panel (the content of the penultimate row also came to be a bit because of a need to bridge the row before and the final row, from the much more abstract to the rather concrete). The row of solo 'games' was a late idea, originally planned as one panel, split into three, but then I decided to stick with the 3-squares-per-row grammer, so they each got a box ... otherwise they wouldn't have worked as 'comic relief' the same way.

Anyway, yeah, all at once. I started it on the 31st, but once I was done with the pencils, I realized it wasn't 'due' until the 1st, so I set it aside and came back to it the next afternoon. The idea had been 'fermenting' for a week or so.

Yours I guessed primarily because of the high-contrast b&w ink work and you were organizing it, and toxicfur's because I knew one would be submitted and I knew more or less when it was completed.

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Congratulations by TPD (4.00 / 2) #16 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:22:12 AM EST
I had a feeling it might have been be your entry but only after seeing this diary

Your art is really good, I hope you carry on posting it here

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thanks by BlueOregon (4.00 / 2) #17 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:27:40 AM EST

I mostly 'doodle.'

Long Month is not in my 'usual style' ... stick figures are rarely my 'thing,' but a stick figure was required for that particular story.

I might post a few more doodles, primarily because I like breaking up the long boring stretches of my prose with an image or two, though since I do not have a scanner now ('any more'), it's a matter of using the camera, which doesn't always provide the results I want, and if I keep it up, I'll run out of space in my "User Files" area. Glad you enjoy, though.

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(Comment Deleted) by yicky yacky (4.00 / 3) #12 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:07:23 AM EST

This comment has been deleted by yicky yacky

I didn't figure out spacejack's by Driusan (4.00 / 2) #21 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:49:49 AM EST
I thought he drew Long Month. Reading this announcement confused the hell out of me, since he's not that egotistical.

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(Comment Deleted) by yicky yacky (4.00 / 2) #22 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 05:05:42 AM EST

This comment has been deleted by yicky yacky

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Yeah by Driusan (4.00 / 2) #23 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 05:18:13 AM EST
For those reasons, because it had about the right level of arty pretention and because he said in a comment at one point that he was doing something with no dialog.

Vive le Montréal libre.
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That was a great one! by cam (4.00 / 1) #26 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 11:58:41 AM EST
(Comment Deleted) by yicky yacky (2.00 / 0) #28 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 01:24:06 PM EST

This comment has been deleted by yicky yacky

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Pah. Only 2 votes (for comic1.jpg) by squigs (4.00 / 2) #13 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:16:00 AM EST
Not that I'm really surprised.  I hope some people at least smiled.  However, comic.gif had a similar concept but did it so so much better.

I wonder who gave me the other vote.

Well I liked that one by spacejack (4.00 / 1) #15 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:21:18 AM EST
And I was surprised it didn't get more votes. It seemed more accessible than the other two avant-garde ones it was tied with :)

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Since 256 hasn't been around yet.. by Driusan (4.00 / 4) #20 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 04:45:59 AM EST
I'm the brilliant artist behind zombie. It came to me as my mind was wandering while I fell asleep after comic.gif reminded me that I didn't need to be able to draw.

I wrote LuckyPenny, which toxicfur modified to taste and then drew. (The only major change being the last two panels in the opposite order, with the last one simply reading "It just isn't worth the trouble", ambiguously referring to the trouble of being kind or the trouble caused in the lives that he's destroyed with his evil, uh, acts of kindness.)

And since 256 hasn't been around, I know cam did turkeyslap and I'm pretty sure LinDze did apple aztek. Most of my guesses for other authors/artists seems to have been wrong though, so I'm not gonna try and fill in the rest of the unclaimed ones.

Vive le Montréal libre. by 256 (4.00 / 3) #24 Wed Aug 09, 2006 at 05:50:14 AM EST
now with authors displayed.

sorry about the delay.
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