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By greyshade (Sun Aug 27, 2006 at 01:58:50 PM EST) (all tags)
Weekend update: immortalized for all time because my computer is full of the internets.

Normally I drive when we go out on weekends.  Because of this, I’m not in a position to drink to excess.  This weekend; however, El Tono drove and I got completely polluted.  I’m not sure if certain planets were in alignment or what, but the whole crew had an outstanding weekend.  I don’t remember much of anything Friday night after the rugby shot1.  Reliable sources inform me that I enjoyed myself.  DDM had hot sexx0rz action with my old pal DrummerMan on the floor while I was passed out nearby.  El Tono got to run game with BartenderChick outside at the same time… and… well.. I was just passed the fuck out at this point.

Saturday night I met a fabulous honey who spoke some amazing french.  I had a great conversation with her and we swapped numbers.  Five stars. +1FP. Would flirt in french again.  She’s a hottie and I plan on giving her a call Monday night to arrange some kind of dinner plans for next weekend.

I also got to go behind the bar to serve up a flaming Dr Pepper2.  It was an outstanding performance and I'm told that my presentation was exemplry.  I was a little slow putting out the fire on my fingers, but I didn't suffer and burn damage.  I wish someone would have taken a video because the fireball to light the shot was amazingly huge.

I have a headache and my jaw is sore, but I deem this weekend a resounding success.

This diary was inapproiately titled, and there is no actual snake-on-plane content.

1 Rugby shot.  Always done with an even number of people.  Snort the salt -> slam the tequila -> squirt lime in eye of your choice -> punch your partner in the face

2 Flaming Dr Pepper.  Around here, you dip 2 fingers in the 151, take in a shot of 151, light the fingers, blow the 151 out over the flaming fingers to light the 151 shot for the flaming Dr Pepper (which is balanced between two glasses and you knock it over into the glass when lit), then put out the fire on your hand while the client slams back their drink.

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