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By riceowlguy (Mon Jun 05, 2006 at 07:07:54 AM EST) stupid reporting, fud, PSP full of vaginas (all tags)
Amused and horrified...

I laughed plenty at Friday's Penny Arcade strip, but, as usual, I appreciate it so much more now that I've heard the podcast describing the creative process.  Basically, they saw a post on Kotaku which made fun of some local Fox affiliate's special investigative report into how kids were using their PSP's to look at porn in school.

I think the best part of the podcast was this:

Tycho (as random school administrator interviewee): "We need to re-examine the policy of allowing students to bring these devices to school for use during non-class time."
Gabe: "I think you need to re-examine the policy of having unsecured, unfiltered wireless internet access in your school!"

Ahh, morons.  Without you, life would be much less interesting.

In other gaming news, I bought GT4 and a wheel/pedals yesterday.  As in real life, it helps to wear shoes.  The main drawback is that the thing has to clamp to a table, so now I have a card table in the middle of my living room, to go with the rest of the junk.

Rehearsals have started for Trial/Pinafore.  Here's to not going crazy over the next two months.

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