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So, Friday night. Got home early, because my absent-minded carpoolie had forgotten about theater tickets. So, hey, I wandered into the "office" where I keep giggles, an old-ish ubuntu linux box, and saw her "upgrades available" icon had gone red, so, y'know, why not, I poked at it for a while and it downloaded some upgrades.

Turns out Friday (give or take) was Release Day for the latest version of ubuntu linux, Dapper Drake (code numbered 6.06 because it was released in June of 2006). Cool, said I, I've heard good things about this. Not realizing it was Just Released, I figured out how to upgrade from 5.10, started doing it, and, an hour or two later when I wandered by again, found this error message staring at me:

Could not install 'libgnomecupsui1.0-1'

subprocess post-removal script returned error exit status 135

Well, not to worry, sez I; 'd be nice having a graphical interface to cups (the printing service thing), but not essential. What I hadn't realized is that the install stopped in its tracks upon discovering this error, and so my machine was part way between version 5 and version 6.

Fortunately, these days I have several working macs-in-tosh in the house, so I started a download of the installation CD, and went to have dinner. Burned it (once, unsuccessfully; 2nd time correctly... google is your friend).

Tried booting from the CD, forgetting my ancient BIOS doesn't do that kind of thing, and found that X was unconfigurable. Due, it turned out somewhat later, to the intermediate (read: unusable) state of linux on my hard disk, and the fact that I hadn't realized I was booting from it.

So, out with the universal boot floppy, left over from 2 ubuntu installs ago, boot from the CD, and everything seems to be working. Until the disk partition utility was reporting bizarre numbers, doing nothing useful, and failing to install filesystems on the disk partitions it had made. Yeesh. I wonder if it was trying to partition the CD ROM or something.

I managed to get the partition utility on the 5.10 install CD to work, so I re-installed that, and re-upgraded to the latest in last year's technology.

If everything goes smoothly, Ubuntu is really rather nice. If not, you're hosed, and the error messages don't help much. The little upgrade widget suggested I report the first error, so I did that, but no response as of yet.

Perhaps I'll try again sometime soon, especially after they've had a chance to fix their upgrade scripts in light of the experience of bleeding-edge upgraders.

Sunday morning was rather nice. The church choir was doing a Veni Sancte Spiritus by John Dunstable (c. 1380-1453). Was delish. Could have used more practice, but hey. Next week, Trinity, and a Palestrina motet, to end the choir season.

It's our custom on Sundays to come home, have a little nap or something, a bit of lunch, and then log in for the toasted-cheese writing chat (on, channel #writing, at 1pm eastern time on Sundays). The deal is that there are some prompts, you get a total of half an hour (typically split into 3 10-minute chunks) to write a rough draft of a story. Lots of my writings began as such things. It's fun. Y'all come.

Found the puters were not talking to the router (both wirey and wireless). Since giggles was still in the dog house (she's the one with the wire), we scrambled about for a while. Sometimes wireless doesn't work; cycling the power on both router and DSL box usually fixes things.

But... too cleverly by half, I had downloaded the manual for the Linksys router, and disovered the reset button. So, figures I, just poke the reset button, maybe that'll fix it without cycling the power.

Um, duuuude... the reset button resets it to factory settings, so it makes sense it'd forget the username and password, and all the other settings, and sit there like dead wood (with pretty blinky lights).

So I did the writing chat (a bit late, whilst eating cheese and crackers because of missed lunch) on an iBook hardwired to the DSL box.

Anyway. Works now. Sigh.

I'm remembered of a roommate waaay back in the dark ages when we had TRS-80s with cassette tape recorders for data and program storage. He made a little tape label that said "BOZO" and stuck it to the record button, having poked that once too often and overwritten a program he wanted to load. I need one of those for the reset switch on the router, looks like.

Thanks much to all the net.people who held my hand through the various computer crises this weekend.

Anyway. I got perhaps half of a story that fits the parameters of the Damn Write Writing Fun challenge. I'm not at all sure I like where it's going, but we'll see.

I also spent some time with garage band, a microphone, and a recording and a score of Byrd's Civitas Sancti Tui motet, recording. Importing the recording into Garageband as an mp3 file allows one to sing along, recording as one goes. I still have intonation issues, but it was lots of fun, and I found a bunch of features in Garageband I wasn't previously aware of. So perhaps I'll be more ready whenever MFC6 comes around (*cough*, Thrusty?).

The text of this motet is a lament written during the Babylonian captivity: "Your holy city of Jerusalem is deserted."

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I've been beta testing Ubunutu 6.06 by dev trash (4.00 / 1) #1 Mon Jun 05, 2006 at 07:26:16 AM EST
And apaprently they ship with the kernel set to SMP, which breaks RT2500, thus no wireless for me.

Blizzard of Death '06
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