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By dev trash (Mon May 15, 2006 at 06:15:59 PM EST) (all tags)
Shaun of the Dead.
Mother's Day.
Gentoo and rt2500

So yeah.  Shaun of the Dead was okay.  The Queen beat the old guy scene was decent.  My DVD player must be going bad as the skipping that forced me to send the first copy back to Netflix happened at the same damned spot.  Not as bad though and I was able to get to end.  If the player is shot, I do have my Playstation 2 to fall back on.

Work.  Jesus.  Teaching myself 'Ajax' which impressed my boss and her boss.  Saw that the client was mucking with the database and asked if he could please tell us what tables he was updating, as I thought he was missing one.  His reply was: someone wanted a feature I am testing that.  See 2 weeks ago we told them flat out that we'd  not do anything new until the stuff we had done was live.  So I guess they think they'll do new stuff.  Last time they mucked with the db, I spent 2 hours fixing it.  Also apparently finding a new job is not so easy when the new place has some kinda deal that prevents them from hiring someone from our place for a year.  It's kinda disconcerting to hear the rest of the office go on about the crappy company.  Then again none of them are forced to stay.  And if it gets bad I'll leave.  It's not so bad.  I have Net access.  I get an hour for lunch.  I don't have to talk to customers.  I just passed 6 months.  Maybe I'll start putting out feelers for a new job at 9 months.

It's been raining all day. Dreary.  ugh.

Drove home Saturday morning for Mother's Day.  Saw the oldest nephew who also spent the night.  He has no grasp on distances yet, since he's only 5, so he keeps asking his Mom to follow me home when I leave.  He's also apparently grown out of his asthma.  He also can spell and write and read some too. They grow up so quickly.  Cats continue to procreate.  My idea of "stopping puting food out" is met with either "that's cruel" to "that won't work they'll stick around."  Both are wrong.  They already eat mice and rabbits.  Why do they need supplemental food?  Oh well, not my problem I don't live there anymore and if they wanna become the cat people of the valley.  Free country.

The health news for the extended family is grim.  My cousin, who is 3 months younger than I am, was in NC at the beach with her parents and siblings when she started to lose balance, and couldn't hold down food.  By the time they got her to the hospital, she had lost the ability to walk.  CAT scan revealed a tumor from the base of skull to the edge of her forehead.  She goes to Pittsburgh in 2 weeks to have brain surgery.  I'm not feeling so confident though.  We're still kind of boggled how a tumor of that size didn't cause symptom earlier than 8 days ago.

Then last week my grandmother went for her annual mammography.  She had breast cancer 6 years ago.  She got the call that they found a spot on this year's film.  So she needs a biopsy and followup.  She also told her doctor that she's lost her appetite.  So he's a bit concerned.  She's 84.

Upgraded my kernel and lost access to my USB ports.  Also my wireless card is wonky under Linux.  When I see the stats it says TX: -1.  Windows XP works fine.  Gentoo and the livecd Dapper beta report the same -1.  In fact the machine locks up if I try to use the Gnome app to configure the wireless connection.  Ubuntu is looking nice.  Sound works, USB external drives mount automatically.  Even my webcam powers up. I see Flight 8 is out.  Maybe I'll torrent it and file a bug report if the wireless locks up again.  And if I can install it onto my USB hard drive, I'm gonna!  ( I have 4 USB boot options on this laptop's BIOS).

Anyway.  I am out.  Keep it real.

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Brain tumors by theboz (2.00 / 0) #1 Tue May 16, 2006 at 04:48:22 AM EST
Unfortunately, the sudden onset of symptoms is relatively common. I don't know if it's possible to go get MRIs regularly sort of like how women are encouraged to get mammograms, but I think it would be a good idea.
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That's what I always say about you, boz, you have a good memory for random facts about pussy. -- joh3n
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