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By Herring (Sun Apr 23, 2006 at 10:06:26 AM EST) wakeboarding again, hardware, chillis (all tags)
Feel the length.

Wakeboard stuff
Ow. I hurt. Really going for it yesterday on teh wakeboard. Stew is the star coach and really goads you on to doing your best, but I really feel it today.

He got me to try a toeside frontside 360 (or a TS/FS/2pi as we don't call it). Never had a go at that one before and expected it to to painful and messy. Actually got round and landed but didn't ride away - possibly due to surprise. For anyone who's interested (yeah, I know) the way to get spins right on a wakeboard is to wait until you're in the air, then use the handle to pull yourself round. Starting to spin before you've taken off results in everything going horribly wrong. Convincing yourself to wait and delay the spin is difficult, but necessary.

Andre 2000 also kindly took some video of me - it really helps to actually see what yuo're doing wrong. Zo (who has an evil sense of humour) gave him the nickname - he's actually called Andre (like Andre 3000), but he's not that good. Actually after all the sets he put in last year, plus a week in Florida he's caught up if not passed me. It's a race between the two of us now for who's landing the TS/FS/360 first.

Crap Computer Stuff
OK, so tests I did yesterday:

  • Take the 512MB DDR266 stick out of the (working) Dell and put it in Troublesome PC on its own. Runs fine, but GIMPS torture test still gives errors.
  • Add one of the 1GB sticks. Same result.
  • Take that out and add the other 1GB stick. Same result.
  • Put either of the 1GB sticks in the Dell. The Dell doesn't like 1GB sticks.
  • Put both 1GB sticks in TPC. Doesn't work.
So, I'm running with 1GB of RAM, still get occaisional odd errors and I have another 1GB stick which I can't do anything with.

I am thinking motherboard and I'm also thinking that a replacement socket 754 (yeah, I know) board wouldn't be that expensive - even with PCIe. I am also wondering if a fresh coat of thermal grease between the CPU and the heatsink might help. Assuming that the CPU can read it's own internal temp, is there any way of actually getting this info?

I am also thinking of giving up and putting a 32bit OS on here. There's so much stuff which still doesn't work on 64bit. Still, it is a designated "messing about" machine. Annoyingly, I have found that it is impossible to, having put XP 64 on here, put XP 32 on afterwards. Have to start again from scratch. While I'm at it, I might as well try a 32bit Lunix to see if there's any more luck with the install. Trying to get 4 (32/64/win/lunix) OSes onto a flaky machine sounds like a real timesink though.

Politics Stuff
I just heard on the radio that Cameron has opted for a Lexus hybrid rather than a government supplied Prius. I think he's a nob. This has nothing to do with the environment, just that anyone who drives a Lexus is, by definition, a nob. Driving a hybrid Lexus is like having your KKK robes made from organic cotton.

Personal Stuff
Have finally booked a ferry corssing for this French holiday in August. This involved spending most of this afternoon going around crappily designed websites - the sort that force you to enter complete details of your family tree and you pet's diet before telling you that the thing you want is either unavailable or incredibly expensive. Sometimes yuo have to go through an extra couple of pages to find out that it's both.

Never did write about what happened with by antidepressants. I was due for a review at the end of March (after almost two years on 150mg Venlafaxine) so, since I was running out, I phoned the docs to try and get an appointment on a morning I could take off work. No deal. The only way was to phone up on the morning (procedure: start dialing at 8:30, get busy tone, keep pressing redial until you get an actual ringtone - which is not a gaurantee that a person will answer). Since LCC are/were being tight about time off, there's no way I am willing to take a whole day off on the basis that I might be able to get a doctor's appointment.

To sum up, I just ran out. Extremely reliable information (teh intarweb) suggested that from this dose it was inadvisable to just stop but it's been about 3 weeks now and no side effects - apart from increased libido. Sadly that's just me and not Mrs. H.

Actually, Mrs. H. has been getting stressed, depressed etc. what with leaving Crap Corp and trynig to find a teaching job. She went to the doctors and, completely unsurprisingly, they prescribed her Fluoxetine.

LCC aren't that shitty about time off (if you'er a genius who's consitently ahead of plan). With time off for doctor's appointments, they are happy if you make up the time but since it's almost impossible to book one in advance at a good time (e.g. beginning or end of the day) this is pretty useless. I am probably going to change GPs.

Oh, and I know I said I'd do the LHuSi beers next Friday, well Mrs. H. is leaving Crap Corp and so she's going out. Sorry guys.

Other Stuff
I enjoyed my letter from hulver. Was going to make a "funny" remark about pie crumbs in the envelope but not really fair.

Unexpected late germination of chilli plants means that I seem to have 6 viable specimens. I will have another go at the Purple Jalapenos (I have quite a few seeds left) because I think they look cool.

Technology ideas
I get the feeling that in this world of n-tier/SOA systems and the like, there is currently absolutely bog-all that can be done about execution profiling. Since I have 3 computer's in the house, I was thinknig of playing with some simple sockets stuff that could have a go at measuring this sort of thing. Yes, the user would have to insert some stuff in their code, but I assume that even modern girly languages have #ifdef. I would also assume that, at least on an internal network, the timing would be reasonably accurate - after all these systems seem to care about whole seconds rather than the individual clock cycles we cared about in the days of "proper" programming.

Personal motivation for looking at it is a combination of doing some low-level sockets type stuff and a deep distrust of "modern" "architectures" which claim to be scalable but can still take minutes to bring up a single screen of stuff.

My opinion on modern message driven/stateless shit: everybody's doing it, nobody's proving it.

I was going to use the first lines from "Harmony in my head" as title/intro but a google search (to check wording) brings back a previous HuSi diary of mine as the top result.

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