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By atreides (Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 04:36:33 AM EST) (all tags)
That only the heavens could bestow
You bring your light and shine like morning

The funny thing is that several things have happened over the last couple of weeks, but I haven't felt any drive or desire to say anything about them. However, when I got home yesterday, I found a wondrous thing in the mail and since thanks are in order, now is as good a time as any to blab.

First of all, R343L, if I was the kind of person who would give a "woo" to people for stuff, you would most certainly get a "woo" from me. Since I am not, however, I will give a hearty heartfelt thank you and will request my empire shower honors upon you for you meritorious service or some kind of crap like that. :)

Welsh Girl is alright. The anniversary of our first date was nice and low key. I forgot to mention the anniversary of our first kiss but one can only really have so many anniversaries. Ultimately, spring is our one big anniversary.

I took her to see Stereolab last weekend. She's a big fan and has never gotten to see them so she was glad I forced our way to the front of the stage. Her sister Dreadlock Girl came up from Houston to the show also so they had a good time. It was an alright show, but I'm no Stereolab fan so it was kinda lost on me. But they way I see it, I bought one ticket so she could be happy and I bought another ticket so I could watch her be happy.

Oh, yes, to the person who knows who they are, that was Stereolab. I hoped you didn't hate the message.

She and I have also been discussing more weighty matters. It looks like we might start looking for a place together when her lease is up in the August-ish time period. :) That's the good news. The bad news is that if there's moving involved and lease breaking and the expenses, well, we're going to need money for that kind of thing which means that the plan for the trip back to UKia is being shelved for the moment. :(

My best friend and I have started running in the afternoons. At the moment I can only do about half a mile but that's better than most people. More than anything it's a willpower thing. I just have to remember that I used to be able to run more than 2 miles at a stretch and that I can again.

So I've been painting minis and making terrain lately. Not only have I really had 40k on the brain, but I'm beginning to prep for a tournament at the end of next month. I'm not a tournament type of person but what the heck. The worst that happens is that I lose. I actually tried taking a picture of a mini I recently painted for you guys to ogle at but I have no clue how to take a good picture of a mini with a digital camera so to heck with it.

Oh, yeah... Yesterday I got a Marine Bike Squad with an attack bike ($100 retail) for a cost and shipping total of $25. Sometimes, I love Ebay. It's a business method now, but every now and then it reminds my of the frontier feeling of awesome bargains it used to be 7 years ago.

I'm going to have a lot of time to prep for this tourney because Welsh Girl is in crunch mode. She's in her last semester of school and wants to do well in her last month. She's incredibly frustrated, but I have faith in her. She's a trooper sometimes. But I'll be seeing less of her this month meaning I'll have more time for other things. She walks the state on Mother's Day, but she won't actually graduate until she finished one more math class. Unfortunately, they don't offer it in a short session so she has to take one more class this summer meaning she's not free and clear until late July. :(

We're going to East Texas next weekend. The Welsh Parents throw a gi-normous party every year for Hanamatsuri or as I have heard it referred to as, "Buddha-mas". So we're gonna go and hang with them and party and whatever one does to celebrate Buddha's birthday. It'll be a nice getaway but before that I intend to catch Radney Foster's record release show at Waterloo on the 4th. That will be cool.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm just counting the hours until lunch. We're having a potluck today. My boss brought sausage. His boss brought fajitas and they're gonna grill them up fresh. I brought tiramisu. I need this meat and sugar to counteract all the bran I've been having recently. Besides, it's Friday. Let's get this puppy started off right.

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Lesson learned at an early age by lm (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 05:07:51 AM EST
Don't eat bran on an empty stomach.

There is no more degenerate kind of state than that in which the richest are supposed to be the best.
Cicero, The Republic
Lesson learned at a recent age by atreides (2.00 / 0) #3 Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 05:46:41 AM EST
If you eat bran and don't get enough sleep, you have really bad headaches all day.

Have you seen The Passion yet? Here's a spoiler for you: Jesus dies.
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mini photos by LilFlightTest (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 05:30:18 AM EST
use the little "flower" setting on the camera. its for taking up close pix. you may or may not want flash, you'll have to take some of each. make sure you have a clean (probably white) backdrop, a piece of paper works pretty well. lots of light, i moved in a lamp when i took the cow pix. and just fiddle. if you find you're having focus issues, stand back more and zoom in instead. *shrug* that's all i got.
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you're welcome by R343L (2.00 / 0) #4 Fri Mar 31, 2006 at 01:04:58 PM EST
The ironic thing is I just sent you an email telling you I had sent it at the same time I was loading up husi.

"woo" is nothing compared to the His Imperial something-something requesting honor and so forth.

There is a really good solution to getting a lot of exercise: a large dog. Unfortunately, they are also very time consuming in other ways (and expensive) so probably not the ideal exercise incentive. But still, fun and cute.

"There will be time, there will be time / To prepare a face to meet the faces that you meet." -- Eliot

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