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By fencepost (Sat Mar 18, 2006 at 10:03:25 PM EST) spoiler (all tags)
Last year's not-so-big-because-it-was NC-17 with Kevin Bacon, etc. murder mystery movie. Spoilers within.

First, my girlfriend rented it at the local Blockbuster so we got the R-rated version with about 10 minutes less sex in it. Kind of a shame, because to some minds the prospect of assorted hot babes (together, with Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, and combinations of the above) might be the main redeeming feature of this movie. Me, I find her indignation at how it turned out to be the main redeeming feature and well worth the price of the rental (since she paid for it).

So basically what we have here is a big shaggy dog story in my mind. Pretty hotshot interviewer (the redheaded one of the hot babes) starts digging into the stories and breakup of a comedy duo clearly based on the rat pack; she's working on a book about the life of one of them. They broke up after a girl's body was discovered in their hotel room; they had solid alibis. She sleeps with one after giving him a false name then is drugged by the other and partakes in a bit of girl-girl play and all the while is being fed backstory in the form of chapters from the autobiography being written by the other one. There's drama, there are flashbacks with a lot of sex, there are tears, there's bitterness, etc. Finally it all wraps up at the end with:

The butler did it.

The indignation was impressive and entertaining.

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