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By dev trash (Sun Mar 19, 2006 at 05:07:30 PM EST) blood (all tags)

I ventured out of the little burg I live in and ventured to a smaller burg on top of a hill.  There was a furniture store.  I had Googled for map directions and I followed those directions and twice was lost. So I made a left instead of a right and bam there it was.  Nobody was shopping really.  I was escorted up stairs and I checked out some beds.  $475 later and I had a queen mattress boxsprings and a frame.  All to be delivered Saturday.  Alas I used the credit card, the first time in 2.5 months but my back couldn't take anymore of this fiscal conservatism!

Friday night I watched the Incredible.  Aside from the inappropriate use of the word incredible, it was a pretty good movie.  Saturday night I watched Monster.  Some freaky ass shit there.  It was okay I guess.  I had to do a little research to see how much the movie strayed from the real story.  In some places quite a bit.  Today I flipped on SciFi and saw a movie was starting and I figured, hey watch something, get away from the PC, etc.  Of course it was Jason X.  They really stretched for that one.  And man wouldn't that fucker not die.  Jason vs Freddie was on after that but I had chores to do.

One of which was to make me something to eat.  So I got the frozen patties from the freezer and in a stroke of sheer genius I used a steak knife to separate them and not a butter knife.  You can guess what happened next.  Oh so much blood.  And the pain.  I am without bandages too, but I'll get them tomorrow.  Typing is a bitch.

My amount of Open Comms has increased.  But after the initial 'hi' no more communication.  I just can't see how this site gets people married.  I just can't.

Not much other things to write about.  Spring is coming and I can't wait.

Have a good one.

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YOUR FINGER IS LIKE A GLISTENING SAUSAGE by Forbidden (2.00 / 0) #1 Mon Mar 20, 2006 at 12:28:10 PM EST

You once was.
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