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By mmangino (Tue Feb 21, 2006 at 10:25:34 AM EST) rails, web (all tags)
I'm hoping to do some freelance web work. Can you guys give me some pointers?

Also inside, Rails Studio, Joffrey Ballet, what Jen got me for Valentines Day and Drama.

I went to the Pragmatic Rails studio in Chicago last week. It was a great introduction to Ruby and Rails. I had already done some work in both, so it was mostly a review for me. I did learn a few things. What made it most worthwhile was talking to a large number of people that do freelance work. The studio made me realize that I really enjoy programming in Rails, and I should probably try to do a little to keep me sane.

Here's where you come in. Is there anybody out there that does freelance work? How do you go about finding work? I have a few ideas for domain specific applications that I'm going to talk to friends about. I was planning on creating a few applications and getting them out there to have something to show off. I'm also hoping I can sell some subscriptions to these apps ala 37signals. Does anyone else have suggestions?

On a related note, I'm not a designer. I can create functional applications, but they look like crap. (Check out and if you don't believe me) Does anyone know a designer who can help me out? I am willing to pay some reasonable help for a basic design/skin for my main site and some graphics. I am also looking for somebody who I can work with in the future, if I manage to get any freelance work.

I've been out of the loop the last few weeks. Between training and just general malaise, I haven't written anything. I think Jen enjoyed her Birthday. We had a crappy dinner at a new restaurant but the dessert made up for it. They brought her a big plate with "Happy Birthday Jennifer" written in chocolate on it that contained a little cake. It didn't taste great, but it was pretty.

Valentines Day was good as well. Jen apologized for forgetting to get me anything. I got her tickets to go see the Joffrey Ballet do Romeo and Juliet. The music was by Prokofiev and was very enjoyable. I really liked the dancing as well. Benvolio was far and away the best dancer and got a lot of recognition after the show. Jen had suggested the we celebrate VD on the day of the show since she had forgotten my gift. The 85 hour weeks must be getting to her brain. The only gift she gave me was a horrible cold.

Lastly, our house is filled with Drama. My SiL was working for a Realtor in Chicago. In fact, she was working for one of the top Realtors. They did about 200million in business last year. Em managed to get herself fired. That wouldn't be a big deal, since she had another job lined up. Unfortunately, do to her poor handling of the firing, she managed to lose that job too. Now she is out of work and floundering. She doesn't seem interested in help finding a job and isn't working too hard. She does have a real-estate license. If it were me, I would likely try to find a house to sell to somebody. oh well. I'm sure she'll find something.

1 more hour of work, then to the gym and home.

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I'm not a web guy by creo (2.00 / 0) #1 Tue Feb 21, 2006 at 07:43:55 PM EST
but I am also doing the rails thing (for fun) - mainly because I like Ruby, and have always wanted to play with web stuff. I also freelance in my current role (non web/rails).

In my current line all my work is by reference and word of mouth - it's a small field of a very particular skill which is hard to get into, due to the fact that learning the technology well usually means an apprenticeship of at least 5 years in a financial institution that runs the software. SO once you have a rep, you are pretty much set.

I am interested to see how your venture goes, as my career in this field is in its sunset phase (due to personal choice), and I would love to do something like you are looking at now. My brother is also a major kick arse web designer, so if I do get serious about it, my major weakness (complete artistic design cluelessness) is addressed - assuming he wants in, of course..


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