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By ana (Tue Dec 26, 2006 at 07:48:33 AM EST) Christmas (all tags)
Day 2. You might want to skip to the poll. Or not. I never did find my Santa hat this year.

Well, day n, where n is about 4 so far.

It's been good, so far. We gave the dog his stuffed squirrel on Friday, so he'd have a day or two to play with it. He loves it, since he's endlessly drawn to the real squirrels that infest the yard.

Saturday night we exchanged gifts, as toxicfur reported. My one biggest piece of loot was a very nice camera (see link there), which I'm just beginning to learn to use.

Sunday, Christmas Eve, began slowly. What with all the festivities to come, the choir was excused from the morning duty, so we slept in, had breakfast, and then took the dog to "camp". It's a small place that boards maybe 10 dogs, and he's been going there his whole life (since before he came to live with us), and he likes the people. Still, it's hard, letting him go, and we could hear him crying for us in the back. He'll settle in well, though.

That afternoon we gave the cats some catnip toys and their Christmas dinner, consisting of some extremely stinky and revolting turkey concoction. They somehow managed to purr and eat at the same time.

Evening started with a 5pm warm-up. The two of us on my part both had colds, so we gave it all we had (well, the other guy had to sing the midnight mass also). The mass was wonderful; I do love the Christ Mass. We sang the O Magnum Mysterium mass setting, by Thomás Luis de Victoria (c. 1520). I've been known to claim that this particular piece of music is the apex of western civilization. I'm not sure it's true, but it certainly has been mostly downhill since. And motets by Hassler and Praetorius. I had essentially zero voice left at the end, having left it all on the field.

Home, pack, try to sleep. Without all that much success.

Up at six, shower, breakfast, final packing, and left the house at eight. A couple blocks from the house, a cop stopped and asked if we were leaving on Christmas morning. Yeah, hence the luggage. "You going to $station?" Yup. So he gave us a ride. Subways connected to bus to terminal; checked bag, through security no problem, though removing boots and putting them back on again is a bit of a hassle. Settled in for an hour and a half, boarded no problem, arrived in Denver pretty much on schedule. Luggage on the carousel, once we figured out which one. Heathen terminal won't sell soft drinks in bottles or cans, but the grumpy bartender vended one.

$rental_car_company was in "not exactly" mode, so it took us about 40 minutes or so to do what should take one. Roads in the Denver area are clear (the highways at least). There are some snowy spots on side roads, but not a big deal. And we arrived just as the clan were sitting down to dinner.

Wrapped gifts for the kiddies while pie was being dispensed. They're good kids, all of them; perhaps their usual rambunxiosity was mitigated somewhat by a cold they were passing around. Got to play with my camera some, taking boring pictures of family members gleefully holding up loot.

This morning, after calling around a bit, my mom found a doctor who would look at the foot she broke Thursday night, tripping over stuff in the television room. She'd been to the emergency room on Friday for a splint, and now needs a more permanent cast. This house could really use an elevator for the increasingly frail people who live here. Fortunately we had enough manpower to carry mom down the last half-flight of outdoor steps to the car.

Which brings us down to lunchtime, more or less. Sis and family have gone off on a ski trip to the high country. Bro and his tribe may be back later this afternoon. I think he likes letting the uncles and aunts run his kids til they drop. It makes them more pliable at bedtime.

Anyway, boring, more or less. But contented. Now if only they had more air, and more water in that air, we'd be set for a week.

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