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Museums. Grand Rounds. Watching.

Took in a few things on Saturday. At Tate Britain the Holbein exhibition was superb. I had no idea how diverse he was: the exhibition has reliquaries and other intricate silverwork he designed; miniature paintings and chalk sketches as well as the oil paintings he's famous for.

The sketches are fascinating historically was well as artistically. The chalk is amazingly well preserved, and the preliminary sketches seem much more true to life than the paintings. His Henry VIII portrait is famous, but the sketch is very subtly different: he has bags under the eyes, wrinkles and sagging skin that are missing from the oils. He looks more tired and more human than the portrait. Well worth seeing.

Fairly crowded but not too hot. Low child count.

There's also a two-room Stubbs exhibition, pretty familiar from the big exhibition a while back. Worth a look since it's free.

Also went to the British Museum. Has a small collection of paintings by the poet Tagore: interesting but suspect he's a better poet than artist: some of them seem more like doodles.

The big Power and Taboo exhibition of Polynesian culture is a must-see though. Lots of intricate woodwork from canoes and buildings. Also some feathered religious icons like sinister muppets, and diverse religious items.

The Myths of Bengal exhibition is also worth a visit: statues of gods, some religious tapestries, and some compellingly trippy meditation images.

Operation Don't Get Fatter
11st 6. Not fatter.

Grand Rounds
Not sure how many other people follow the Grand Rounds medical blogging roundups.

I just find it interesting to compare the way non-techies do this kind of thing to the way we do it. We have slashdot, digg, and huge host of various linkblogs and aggregators; trying all kind of algorithmic, democratic and technocratic ways of rounding up the cool stuff.

They just do it in a very informal way. Everyone takes turns to host it; people just email in their best contribution of the week, and the host just finds some way to keep the theme together. Last time the host did it in an epistolary format as an imaginary series of emails.

Just wonder what things would be like the other way round; if there was some kind of techie grand rounds with the best articles of the week, purely selected by the contributors. Or if there was a medical slashdot.

Watching and Reading
Haven't been doing much of either. My "Books I've Read This Year" is due soon, and is going to be the shortest list yet: my various Operations have cut into my reading time I think. Started watching "I, Claudius". I finally get the joke in the Blackadder start of the credits now, where the snake keeps slithering out of camera range. The first one was a bit of a grind though. The 1970s BBC had no truck with in media res; starting off with an elaborate framing device and a ox-cartload of exposition. Fortunately while the first one was feature length, the rest are less than an hour.

Some good work from a shockingly beardless Brian Blessed as Augustus Caesar, and some nice melodrama from the actresses. Still waiting for Derek Jacobi to properly enter the action though.

Oh well, Battlestar Galactica restarts on Friday.

Have been both busier at work and more sociable than usual lately, but it's beginning to tire me out I think: may be sliding back into Oscar the Grouch mode.

Stolen from B3ta: Things get shot in slow motion.

Stolen from BoingBoing: car turn signals from before they came as standard.

Magistrate's Blog: Scandal "judges" not really judges.

Web news. .GIFs go free. Ebaum's World goes legit.

Another Greedy Feature Request
Now that we have "Edit Story", could we have a "Post" button without going through a preview? Might make it too easy for the spammers I suppose. Going through preview can be a bit annoying when you're moblogging or the site's slow or you have a dodgy connection though.

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Damn EU copyrights by spacejack (4.00 / 1) #1 Sun Oct 01, 2006 at 08:16:36 AM EST
Some seem to last 500 years. Still, those are fascinating. Because of the dated, alien-looking fashion, some of the rough sketches almost look like character concepts you might see on DeviantArt.

I prefer having no post button on the inital 'new diary' page. I just make too many mistakes.

I'm not sure how the copyright works by TheophileEscargot (2.00 / 0) #2 Sun Oct 01, 2006 at 08:34:34 AM EST
Maybe they can copyright a particular digital reproduction.

You can always choose not to press the post button, and you can always fix the mistakes later...
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