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By ChiefHoser (Tue Jun 28, 2005 at 08:57:52 AM EST) (all tags)

Soy milk to be exact.

I have decided to embark on a journey through the process of self constructed soy milk and then possible onto the landscapes of tofu.  I don't do this because I am against dairy products or meat products.  I enjoy both soy milk and tofu and want to be cheap about it as opposed to giving the corporate grocery my hard earned moneys.

Has anybody here ever tried making either of said products and that could provide advice? I have seen "soy milk makers" for sale, but I have also found recipes for making it with more conventional household items, which is the way I am going to travel for now.

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PBS is your friend by Abort Retry Fail (2.00 / 0) #1 Tue Jun 28, 2005 at 09:34:10 AM EST
Look up an episode of 'Simply Ming' from a few weeks ago. Ming's dad went through the whole process from dried soy beans through soy milk to tofu.

PBS by ChiefHoser (2.00 / 0) #2 Tue Jun 28, 2005 at 09:43:46 AM EST
Would that I could, don't get PBS and can't use the interweb beyond at work.

But thanks for the suggestion, perhaps I will ask somebody here to get it for me.


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Visit Your Local Library! by LinDze (2.00 / 0) #3 Tue Jun 28, 2005 at 04:05:44 PM EST
All civilized libraries have free inet access along with printing devices.

-Lin Dze
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