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By Merekat (Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 12:47:42 AM EST) (all tags)
Unchristmassy Christmas.

No tree up. Can't find the box that contains it and all the decorations. Haven't tidied up enough stuff to find space for it yet anyway.

9,000 words written. Tried to write more for the last two days but felt nauseous even looking at it and deleted the 1,000 words I did manage. This puts me in a rush at New Year again but if the thing won't let itself be written, there's not much I can do about it until absolutely necessary.

Must stop reading Janet Evanovich novels. They are trashy and make me want to eat donuts which then makes me feel sick as I can't handle that much sugar. Fun and addictive though.

I have already eaten and drunk too much and it isn't even Christmas yet. Too much beer and Gluhwein in Germany (which wins the Best Christmas Country Prize), too much wine and beer at work party and just too much. I feel like sitting down to steamed rice and green tea for Christmas dinner:(

Saw Narnia. Excellent job by Tilda Swinton but I'm really not gone on any of the rest. Weak story to start off with and child actors and talking animals never are my thing.

I'm an atheist. The holiday is called Christmas. It exists because a dominant population believe it is the time of the birth of their saviour. I'm not going to insist they call it anything else and will happily take the time off:)

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I've not got a tree up. by Alice Pulley (2.00 / 0) #1 Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 01:13:14 AM EST
I quite like them but I live on my own, am out a lot and it doesn't seem worth the trouble.


'But they're adults and perfectly capable of working it out themselves. And if not, well, fuck em.' - Nebbish '06.

rightonrighton! by martingale (2.00 / 0) #2 Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 01:23:56 AM EST
Don't look a gift holiday in the mouth unless you're a dentist, I always say.

I just wish we could have more paid jewish holidays and some muslim ones. I'm happy to observe them all as long as they tone down the sermons. Like St Patrick's day, that's a great religion.
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hey millman, by sasquatchan (4.00 / 1) #3 Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 04:31:24 AM EST
you've got company...
... make me want to eat donuts which then makes me feel sick as I can't handle that much sugar
Now you've got someone to point at that can't eat one donut..

Heh, good one. by Rogerborg (2.00 / 0) #4 Fri Dec 23, 2005 at 07:20:06 AM EST
"birth of their saviour", nice.  Maybe in your neck of the woods, but over here in civilised lands, if it weren't for the sterling efforts of Coca Cola, we'd all be chilly rational super-evolved brain-beings by now.

Metus amatores matrum compescit, non clementia.
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