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By celeriac (Tue Aug 24, 2004 at 12:51:11 PM EST) (all tags)
It might not actually be a bad idea.

It's a very nice way to spend the time. It requires concentration but at the same time you always making steady, concrete progress. The machines require your undivided attention; if you space out you might lose a finger. It's a sensory experience. To know your machine you must be in tune with all of its chatterings and vibrations. The acrid smell of cutting oil. The uncertain interpretation of blueprints.

And the pay is probably comparable to postdoctoral work.

Let me return to this thread after I've gone through grad school. Maybe I'm crazy but I dig the idea of being a Ph.D neuroscientist machinist.

Anyway, I was hoping to find some institition willing to teach me abstract algebra on a per-unit basis. Partly out of interest, and partly to see if my employer will follow up on their promise of tuition reimbursement. (It's related to my work, honest!) That shouldn't be too hard to find in a sprawling megalopolis, should it? The obvious choice is UCLA, but it depends on the class not being full, which I would only find out when classes begin, and based on the wait list on MATH 110A, chances look to be slim, pending the possible adding of new sections.

MATH 117 is still open, but it appears to be for suckers. Doubly so the offering from CSUN. USC and Tech don't accept walk-ins. Hmm... CSULA might do it, and their class is open. I'll have to drop down there tomorrow afternoon.

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