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By illsorted (Mon Jul 19, 2004 at 08:46:09 AM EST) (all tags)
New job and consequential stress.

(diary organization: chaotic)

For those not in the know, I was offered the job mentioned previously.

I'll be working for the Bureau of Information and Telecommunications (state gov't). I got a spot on the bottom of the organizational chart.

Our team provides support for the development teams in planning, testing, installing, and maintaining system architecture and network infrastructure. Don't know what my specific duties will be, but most likely will be testing server and network hardware and perhaps learning some mainframe stuff.

I'm excited. It will be a nice change from my current mendacity of web app developer and data-munger. It's a 25% raise in pay, plus great benefits (of which I have none currently). The state is also paying for moving expenses.

I'll be starting on August 30th. Between now and then I need to find housing, pack everything and move to Pierre. This is complicated by a few things:

  • This weekend will be consumed by helping my mother move from southeast MN to Moorhead.
  • Next weekend we are attending a wedding reception in Pierre. At least this will give us an opportunity to check out the housing market.
  • I need money, so can only afford about a week off from work between last day here and first day there.
  • stress

In other news, there is a litter of kittens living under a porch across the street. There are five kittens, about 7-8 weeks old. We've been feeding them and visiting them and trying to find them homes. Unfortunately all the humane societies around are already full of kittens and will not take them. One has some nasty eye-gunk going on. We're taking him to the vet this week to get that checked on, and get feline leukemia and FIV tests done. If he's sick, chances are the rest are too and they'll all have to be put down anyway. Poor little kitties.

I need to put together a list of shit that needs to get done here at work before I leave. Blah.

Now I'm off to give notice to my boss. Wish me luck!

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