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By whazat (Fri Dec 17, 2004 at 07:36:18 AM EST) (all tags)
"Over my dead body.", exclaimed Mrs Trelawny.

"Well, actually I'll be the dead one.", replied her husband.

"Really Kurt, why would you even entertain such a dreadful thought?"

"I'll have no more use for it, I can't see why not, it would allow people to try something that is a little out of the ordinary"

"But you'd go off, become all decayed. People could become ill."

"Good point, I would need to get some form of card asking the hospital to put me on ice. Hmm, it would be cheaper just to store a bit of me. Perhaps the leg, I've always been proud of my legs."

"I can't believe we are having this grisly discussion over breakfast."

"I don't see how this is any more grisly than organ transplants, I mean since they both involve my body ending up in someone else's, just the location and condition are slightly different."

"Would you, you know... do that to me if I died."

"Not if you didn't want me to. When I'm dead I'm just a few trillion bacteria stuck together serving no useful purpose, so I don't see why other people shouldn't do it to me. What do you think about roasting it, perhaps a nice honey glaze...? Darling where are you off to?"

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