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By fencepost (Tue Oct 19, 2004 at 04:26:14 PM EST) (all tags)
I was laid off just over a year ago (or more accurately, I declined an offer to move to Ohio when my office was being closed). Since then I've been freelancing it, doing simple websites, small business support, minor development, and a bit of consulting with another part of that same company. Now that group has someone retiring and they're at the least feeling me out as to whether I'd be interested in the job...

I was actually part of this group years ago, and until last October I shared office space with them even though we didn't share a boss. At the time, they were on borrowed time - they were due to be there 3 months longer than I was. They got a reprieve when another division decided that a prebuilt development group was just what they needed.

The nice thing from my standpoint is that what they're looking for matches up well with what I'd like to be doing - among other things they're looking for someone to act at least as a system architect and idea person in addition to the coding-side development. That's the direction I've been headed, so this has a lot of potential.

I'll probably take the job, at least if it really does turn into an official the money and incidentals are reasonable, but it's still feels strange.

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