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By gazbo (Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 10:16:59 AM EST) (all tags)
Well, after a terrible first set of matches to choose from (and a correspondingly bad set of picks from me), we have something a bit more interesting.  As always, odds are from, but shop around for better odds if you can be bothered.

J Higgins v M Campbell: Higgins @ 1/9
S Lee v B Pinches: Lee @ 1/3
K Doherty v M Holt: Doherty @ 2/5
R O'Sullivan v M Judge: O'Sullivan @ 1/8

And for added stakes, with correspondingly higher risks, add:

P Ebdon v C Small: Ebdon @ 4/7

Resultant odds of around 3.66 if you include Ebdon, 2.33 without.

I'll hold off on giving you my feeling on probability of success, as the snooker world seems to be pretty crazy at the moment, so it's all up in the air...

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You UKians bet on the strangest things. by blixco (5.50 / 2) #1 Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 10:33:03 AM EST
There's a guy in my lab, has a cube full of United FC calenders and paraphenalia, has the accent, the spanish supermodel girlfriend, etc.

He was betting on the number of times our director would say "dynamic" today.

Later, he bet me that the English rugby team would do it again this year.  I took him up on that.  He also bets on how long it'll take a server to complete installation.

And, yes, he bets on snooker via the internet.  I have no idea what snooker even is, though I have friends who play it.
just ignore the smoke, and smile.

Not as strange as the Aussies by leviramsey (5.50 / 2) #2 Tue Jan 20, 2004 at 06:13:04 PM EST
CANBERRA, Australia - As reported by Reuters: "Gambling-mad Australians, teased for willingly betting on two flies crawling up a wall, have expanded their horizons -- now they're placing bets on cockroaches.

"A record crowd of more than 7,000 betters is expected to attend the 23rd annual Cockroach Races in the east coast city of Brisbane Jan. 26, Australia's national day, with some bringing their own runners and others buying competitors there.

"...Australians have the highest rate of gambling in the world, a passion dating back to when the first convict settlers, shipped out from Britain in 1788, reportedly bet on cards and dice.

"...Last year's winner, Osama bin Liner, was lovingly reared by his owners who turned up on the day in full beards and headwear, dressed as the world's most wanted man. Other past winners include Drain Lover, whose name plays on that of two-time Melbourne Cup winner Rain Lover, Millennium Bug and Guns'n Roaches, whose contestants modeled themselves on the rock band Gun'N Roses, carrying their roaches in boxes shaped like tiny guitars.

"...The races are held on a circular track with the cockroaches released from an upturned bucket in the middle. First to the edge is the winner. The steeplechase event is a bit trickier with the runner having to navigate a circular fence -- well, a garden hose -- to get to the edge..."

Could I be the next Lee Abrams?
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